Tri Talk Tuesday – How To Improve Your Triathlon Swim


Happy Tuesday! It is in fact the first Tuesday of the month so I am all linked up with the fabulous Cynthia from You Signed Up For What and the speedy Phaedra from Blisters and Black Toenails for some chatter and triathlon banter. Today we’re coming full circle and delving Read more →

Drowning Before Training Has Even Started


Monday again. Always right on time. My week this week did not go entirely as planned. In fact, it kind of sucked. I missed my run on Monday. I don’t even recall why. Dead watch maybe? I forget, but I got to the gym then promptly left without doing a workout Read more →

Must Have Cold Weather Running Gear

training ride

This winter, I don’t think it will ever end. When I got up yesterday it was -10F with a windchill of -29F. For real, -29F, those are some seriously cold temperatures. And school didn’t even give us a delay. Even my car cried a little when I started it to Read more →

Monday Madness


Why Monday, why? Why are you here? Didn’t you know that no one invited you? Back to work. Back to real life. Ahhh, break. I will miss you. Let the countdown to spring break commence. Five weeks. Uh huh. But let’s be honest, I’ve loved my breaks so much, spring Read more →

My Start To Power Based Training


Okay, so lets chat about power. I’m still learning, so hang with me here. My fantastic friends over at all3sports sent me a pretty little toy in the mail about a month ago now. After some confusion and back and forth chit chat, I finally got my hands on the Read more →

FTP, HRZ2, And Living In The Tundra

Post FTP test. Pooped.

Happy Monday! I hope everyone who gets President’s Day off here in the lovely US is enjoying their day. Sleeping in is the best and I will take full advantage of it this week. My week was low key in terms of workouts. I’m not sure if my checked out Read more →

For The Love Of


It’s Friday *happy dance* And my winter break starts now at 3pm! (Damn you weather for not being cold enough for a snow day!) Hello full week off from school, I’ve been dreaming of you all week. I pretty much mentally checked out Tuesday. My alarm went off and I got Read more →

Everything You Should Know When Training For Your First Triathlon


Triathlon. Such an awesome sport. One of the fastest growing sports in the US right now in fact. It’s exploding in popularity and that makes me so happy since I have grown to adore this sport. Everyone starts somewhere though. When I signed up for my first triathlon I went Read more →

Powering Through The Week


Oh my gosh, you guys, my weekend was fabulous. You know why? Because I did nothing. NOTHING. Just me and the Husband hanging out together at home. I’ll spare you what is bound to be a very boring weekly update. I spun 53 miles over two classes and one solo Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Training Plans


Hello Tuesday, good to see you again. Not only is it just Tuesday, but it’s the first Tuesday of the month, which means it’s Tri Talk Tuesday! So I’m still only registered for one race for 2015 at this point. One. Normally by now my schedule is exploding at the Read more →