Workouts, Baby, and Vet Visits- The Story of a DNS


Let’s see, recap, recap. I once again did not do much. In my defense I had lots of plans to run then got slammed with a temporary low/no impact only restriction for a week. So I worked out twice. Two sad, little times. The first time was only 15 minutes Read more →

HDBD Week 11


Happy Wednesday! I’m another week further along and we’re that much closer to baby. Albeit still quite far away, but it’s fun to tick off the weeks. Hopefully they keep rolling by quickly. Baby size- Baby is now the size of a lime! Or a fig. Or a brussell sprout. Read more →

Weekly Update and Weekend Fun


A day late, but better than never I guess. Woof, last week, this weekend. So much going ons. This weekend was a whirlwind! Husbandface and I drove down to NYC Saturday morning because we got tickets for a live taping of How Did This Get Made. If you’ve never listend Read more →

HDBD Week 10


Happy Wednesday! Little Blueberry and I are still plugging right along together. Baby size- Strawberry! Or kumquat. Or date. Whatever your fruit preference is. Rings- Comfortably on. Symptoms- Lots of round ligament pain. My nausea is very off and on at this point. I’m still tired a lot, but I’m Read more →

Four Running Feet and The Summer Heat


Monday, Monday, Monday. Back again. Let’s chat about working out. How did my week go? Ehhhhhhhhhh, about that good. I ran once. I ended up being too sick to run Wednesday after school like I hoped. I spent the evening curled up on the couch instead. I did run Thursday, Read more →

HDBD Week 9


It’s Wednesday again. Really..? My weeks feel like they’re crawling by and like time is practically standing still, but at the same time I keep being caught off guard by the days. But it is in fact Wednesday, so here’s a quick bump update. Baby size- Baby is 9w3d and the Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Three Ways To Improve Your Triathlon Run


Happy Tuesday blog land. I’m very excited that it’s Tuesday again because it’s the first Tuesday of the month and you know what that means- Tri Talk Tuesday! I’m teamed up with Cynthia and Phaedra for another month of tri chatter. And this month we’re moving through our Swim, Bike, and Read more →

Back At It Again


Hello Monday. I’m not sure when you showed up. I’m pretty sure my weekend wasn’t supposed to end. It was too nice for Monday to roll back around. The good news is there are only seven and a half weeks of school left before summer break. The bad news is there Read more →

HDBD Week 8


Happy Hump Day Bump Day! It’s Wednesday, so I figured I could throw in a weekly pregnancy update since that is going to be such a consuming part of my life for the next seven months. Not too much going on right now, other than my stomach is on revolt and Read more →

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End


So a few weeks ago I had mentioned that I had an extremely emotionally charged weekend. It had some major ups and downs and is going to change everything. And now that some of the information is out in the open, it’s about time I explained. Friday, March 27, 2015, Read more →