Tri Talk Tuesday – Planning Your Race Day Plan

Howdy, howdy! Tuesday again and I’m all linked up with You Signed Up For What to chat about triathlon.

Tri-Talk-Tuesday (1)

Today we’re talking about race day plans. With Cynthia tapering for Ironman 70.3 Augusta and myself cramming for Empire State Half Marathon, race plans are high on our minds.

Coming off an injury my plan for ESHM is going to be a lot different than I had originally hoped. I signed up the week after completing the race last year. I was gearing to break the two hour mark last year. Hubby and I were running together and in the last three miles his injury flared up and we ended up kind of falling apart during those last three miles. So I registered as soon as I got the early bird email hoping for a sub-2 redemption run this year.

Alas, I’ve spent the last six weeks not running. I’m struggling to regain my running ability in the lasts since I’ve been cleared and my chances of running a sub-2 half at this point are complete gone. Poof, like a puff of smoke. Hell, if I can even run the whole thing I guess I’ll be happy. We’ll see how my long run goes this weekend.

So what’s my plan for ESHM?

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I don’t have a time goal, although if I had to pick one it would be to just be faster than my half marathon run at Syracuse. I really don’t suspect I’ll be able to run the whole thing, although my competitive nature makes me want to try my damndest. Granted I could plan to run Galloway style. Maybe a 4:1 ratio or something, but really I just want to run.

So, what kind of things go into making a race day plan?

Familiarize yourself with the course- My run at Syracuse was slower than I anticipated because the course ended up being significantly hillier than I had expected. The elevation data on the HIM Cuse website was way off and it totally threw me off my game. Learn the course so you can plan and train accordingly.

Understand your fueling options- Whether you plan to carry everything you need with you or rely on the course aid stations, you should have a game plan. Last year at ESHM I carried my fuel. I ate my shotblocks but I never needed my gatorade, although Hubby did drink it. I had water and HEED offered on the course. Part of your game plan for race day should be to know your fuel strategy.

Read the athlete’s packet- This will let you in on any rules or race need to know’s that are out there. Whether it’s cut off times you need to make to not get pulled or whether you can or can’t listen to music, these are all things you need to know to make the best plan for your race day.

Know yourself- I know I’m coming off an injury. I know this is going to affect the type of race I run in five weeks. I’d be out of my mind if I said I will run the whole run no matter what or my race will be ruined. It’s just ridiculous. And this leads into the last thing to consider…

Be realistic- You know yourself and your training better than anyone else. Make your goals realistic and attainable or be prepared to set yourself up for failure and disappointment. Realistically I know I won’t be running my sub-2 hour half marathon this year. It’s just not going to happen. But I can say with that I am confident enough to have a faster half marathon than my Syracuse run leg.

So my plan for ESHM is still a bit up in the air at this point. Five weeks out is still too far away for me to say for certain I will race one way or the other. But coming off an injury I’m definitely hyper aware of the fact that I need a solid plan going into this race and it is in the font of my mind. But really, what I plan to do on race day is going to depend largely on how the next few weeks go for me. Let the training, and the planning, begin!

Ever gone into a race without a plan? How’d that work for you?

What other things do you consider when making your race day plan?

Training Cram

What a weekend!

Hubby’s birthday weekend and we had a great time. I bought him a new tv for our basement renovation, we went to Hibachi for dinner with both sets of parents, then Saturday we hung out with friends most of the day. Ate soup since the weather was crummy, raced go-karts, and split dessert. So nice.


I’ve never raced go-karts like this before. They topped out at 45mph! It was so much fun. Took me a few laps to figure it out but once I did I had a great time whipping around the track. I did have to wear a size small helmet and ended up getting a booster seat because I’m too short to push the pedals all the way down. Whompwhompshortgirlproblems.

I may have also had raspberry hard cider. Did you know that is really a thing? Because it totally is. Delicious!


We had a race this weekend. There’s going to be a really long story that goes along with it, so stayed tuned for the race report. It’ll be an interesting read.

Running is hard.


I’m trying hard. Hubby and I ran Sunday morning and he left me in the dust. We stuck together the first two miles then I started sucking wind and suffering. We were single file on a road with no shoulder the third mile and he pulled way ahead of me. SO SLOW.

And the worst part- that pace nearly killed me. I was so winded, suffering, struggling. I tried to focus on my form but it’s hard when you’re suffering. I made it, barely. But I am determined. I have two half marathons plus a few more 5k’s on my radar through the end of the year, so I am bound and determined to keep running.

So, since I’m dead set on getting the most out of my training before Empire State I’ll be doing a tempo run tomorrow, intervals Wednesday, spinning Tuesday and Thursday, then a long run on the weekend. And by long run I mean I plan to run for an hour and however much distance I cover is what I’ll cover. I’m leaning towards a one week taper just based on my limited time to train. Fingers crossed I can get myself into semi-half marathon shape in the next four weeks!

Favorite speed workout?

Do you have a running or training buddy? 


Bright Running Ahead

You guys.

I did it. I ran.

My PT cleared me to do a short steady state run finally. And it’s good timing too with a 5k on the docket for Saturday. So I ordered myself up some new shoes, threw some Sweat Pink laces into them, and headed out.


Only 2 miles, that’s all I was told to do so that’s all I did. Um, please don’t laugh at my pace. That is seriously the slowest steady state run I think I can ever remember running, especially for such a short distance. I mean, I was trying to keep it easy, but yeesh! My focus was to keep my average HR at 175 or lower.


dingdingding. Winner winner chicken dinner. Kind of high, but within my comfort zone, so it’s fine. Pretty much anything under 180 I can maintain. S’all good.

Did I mention I bought new shoes?

love my Zoot Ultra TT‘s and they were incredible to race all my triathlons in this summer. But I’ve been running in them since the spring and planned to retire them after FLT and get regular runners for the fall. But you better believe I am a believer in the Zoot’s for tri season. They will be my tri season shoes for life.

And before my Zoots I was running in Brooks Pure Flow 2. I liked my Brooks, I did. I wish I could say I loved them because they are definitely the cutest running shoes I’ve ever owned. But they gave me terrible, raging, horribly painful hot spots on my archs. So as much as I want to have all the hot pink Brooks, I cannot.

Back in May I raced the Rat Snake and broke a cardinal sin- I tired something new on race day. And if one could commit this sin, I did so in the highest of fashion. I raced 11.2 miles of the most technical, hilly, and flooded trails humanly possible in shoes I had never run in before. I was trying to save the life of my Brooks so I opted to race in a pair of Suacony’s I had won through a give away. Verdict? I LOVED THEM!

So I’ve kept that thought in the back of my brain since May and I knew when I was ready to break up with my Zoot’s I’d be buying another pair of Sauconys. Enter the Saucony Kinvara 4! Yes I went with the 4, yes I know the 5 is out, I like to not spend half my paycheck on shoes believe it or not.

Saucony Kinvara 4

They are fantastic! Lightest weight show I think I’ve ever owned. Great support, very comfy, very cute. Minimalist, zero drop, all that jazz. Bottom line- love them. I especially love the highlighter yellow and pink combo, because bright shoes definitely make you faster not really. I think I’m going to be very happy with these. Although don’t hold me to that yet. I’ve only run in them the one time so far.

So there it is. New shoes. Finally running again. Fingers crossed I don’t have my worst 5k time ever this weekend. Everything.

And one last awesome bit of news- is now giving 20% off your purchase when you use the code TRIGC14!!! So head over and buy yourself something nice!


Bright colors or neutral colors for running shoes?

What are you currently running in?


Tri Talk Tuesday – Skills for Life and Running

Oh Tuesday, back again. Sneaking up on me again. Where do these weeks keep going? Cynthia and I are linked up for another round of tri banter and chatter!

Tri-Talk-Tuesday (1)

Except, today I may not be totally on topic; triathlon that is.

My life has felt beyond chaotic lately and with running being so limited for me now and my tri season over, I will admit, I haven’t done much of the skill development most are probably thinking of when they see the theme for this week. But honestly, I have been building my skills. Lots of them. All of them.

How is that you might ask?

We posted way back when about that training-life balance, but I feel like right now I’m in a tailspin of trying to rebalance my life. Balance is the skill I’m working on. Work, life, training, PT, upkeep on my house, my marriage, all of it.

Work is such a drain on me right now. Starting a new job is tough, but coming off working out of an office doing public health the last almost three years, jumping back into teaching is like a million times more work with nowhere close to the amount of quiet work time or downtime. I use every second of my planning periods doing work and this week I’m stuck on hall duty in the morning, meaning the extra half an hour I go in early to work is now off the table. I still can’t print from my classroom so I’m dealing with that ever mounting frustration. Teaching three grades, being on my feet all day, meeting all my new co-workers, learning all my new students, trying to fit in, trying to stay ahead in my planning, trying to keep up with all the extras beyond teaching that are required. It’s just overwhelming.

My only basis for comparison is my year at Rochester where I was treated horribly, made to jump through hoops just to survive, and hated every second of my professional life. It’s hard for me to not have the horrible feelings and emotions I dealt with then resurface now. I’m in such a nice district and school, but I’m so nervous and anxious that for whatever reason that will all crumble. I’m nervous I won’t do well, or the administration won’t ask me back. And it’s all crazy, I know it is, but I just can’t shake not feeling good enough. And I’m trying so hard to work on developing my teaching, my classroom management, my professionalism. I want to do great. I just hope I can start to shrug off my insecurities and just enjoy being back to doing what I love.


And I have yet to come home from school yet and not have a million things I need to get done or places I need to be. I still have PT twice a week, yesterday was running a dozen errands, crappy ones too like paying our homeowners insurance. Byeeee moneyyyyy. I just feel busy.

Oh, and you saw where I mentioned my marriage? My new schedule does not play nicely with Hubby’s. When I worked 9-5 at the Council we saw each other for an hour or so in the morning then again for another hour when I was home for lunch. But now that my schedule has shifted back two hours and I can’t go home for lunch, we don’t see each other. I leave the house by 630am, when Rob is still sleeping because he doesn’t get home from work until 1130 or midnight, which by then I’m long since passed out. We literally are going to bed Sunday night and not seeing each other again until I get home from school Friday afternoon. It really freaking sucks.

And running, ha! Working out, oh yeah, let me just carve some time and headspace out for this! I haven’t swam since Iron Girl, the only biking I’ve done is a handful of solo spins on the spin bike, and I’ve just started “running” again in the last week or so. The rest of me is so busy I’ve been keeping strictly to my prescribed runs from my PT and nothing extra. I want to be doing more, but I’m just so overwhelmed by everything else. I guess this is my most tradition “skill” I’m working on right now. I have two half marathons, the first of which is less than six weeks away, and I’m only running two miles of intervals one or two times a week right now. I should take bets on how much people think I’m going to crash and burn during my October race because a hundred bucks says I’m a god awful mess for it.


I was running yesterday and thinking about my October half. It was supposed to be my A road race this year. It was supposed to be my sub-2 hour half marathon. And now, now if I can even finish it’ll be a miracle. I was doing two minute run intervals and felt like I was completely suffering. I just raced a half Ironman two months ago, finished well under 7 hours, and with energy to spare. And now over five weeks off running and I feel like I’m so far behind I’m sitting six feet under square one.

I tried to focus on my form a bit today. I look at my race photos and cringe because my form is disturbingly awful when I run. I did four of my many two minute intervals on focus on form – run like normal – focus on form – run like normal. And wouldn’t you believe what happened the two where I didn’t focus on my form 10:26 and 10:13 respectively. The two where I did 9:56 and 9:52 respectively. All my other intervals where I didn’t focus on my form were all over the ten minute per mile mark. And this didn’t cost me any extra effort. Looks like my next skill I’ll be chewing through will be my running form.


I’ll get there. I’m registered for a 5k this weekend and my plan is to run the whole thing no matter how slow or terrible it feels. It’ll be my first “training run” for half marathon “training.” And at the end of everything I will remember why I love to run, and teach, and enjoy life. All the craziness, it will always be worth it.

Next week’s theme is RACE PLAN! Have a race coming up? Let us know how you plan to crush it! 

Will Run For Pumpkin Spice

My posting is still somewhat erratic right now. Hopefully I can start to settle down this week or next. I have so much school work to do and still have more PT in the evenings. Woosh, I’ll be happy when that’s over.

PT has been helping though. I’d say my leg is at about 98% now. It was so hard for me to be at FLT yesterday and not be there to race. The day was phenomenally beautiful and perfect too. But more about FLT later in the week.

My PT finally has me doing some running. I was told to run two miles, two days in a row, at a 1:1 run walk. So that I did. I ran Wednesday and while my time was better, my leg was still a bit sore from dancing and jumping around the dance floor Saturday at E and A’s wedding. Thursday was much better in terms of how I felt. And I’m not going to argue with being cleared to run. On the docket for today is my next perscription run, a 2:1 run walk. We’re registered for a 5k for this weekend and I’m hoping to be told I can run the whole thing at steady state, not intervals.


I’ll be curious to see how horrible three plus miles feels after five weeks off from steady running. I imagine I will suffer immensely and clock my first 5k race over the 30 minute mark since 2011. But it’s what I need to do in order to get back into running. My first of two half marathons is only six weeks away and I will be severely under trained, so the sooner I can get back to just running the better. Hopefully after next week’s 5k I can start to do “long” runs. Hopefully.

I might head out for a bike ride at some point this week too. I’m missing the feeling of riding lately. I think I need to take Finley out for a solid training ride then take Jamis out for a nice leisurely stroll. Just a few more jaunts before the weather turns.

Speaking of weather-


*PSLswoon* If you already follow me on instagram then you already saw this. So yeah, yum! Fall.

Who’s caved and had a PSL already this year?

Ever raced so soon after an injury? Tell me about it!

Recipe Roundup – Strawberry Spinach Salad

So because I am still side like I figured it’s about time I adjust my diet to match my activity level. I’ve definitely put a few pounds on since my injury which was now a whole month ago.

I will confess, I’m not too crafty in the kitchen. I can make some staple items and I have a few in my repertoire that I repeat often. I’m a very boring eater; I find a few things I like and I eat them nonstop until I get bored and find a different new thing. I’m pretty sure I ate the exact same homemade grilled chicken caesar salad everyday for lunch for an entire month earlier in the summer. Like that kind of boring.

I think part of my problem is I lack creative thinking when it comes to knowing how to mix ingredients together so I tend to get stuck in a rut. Just a few days after destroying my calf I joined my parents at a Great Dane picnic. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like, a picnic for people to come to bring their massive dog along. It was giant dog central! But the point here is that at that party I had the most fantastic salad that I never thought would ever be tasty. Honestly, I’ve always thought fruit on a salad sounds weird and gross. So when I devoured three helping of said salad, I knew I had to recreate it for myself. So here’s my version of a Strawberry Spinach Salad, aka the easiest and yummiest salad ever.











 Strawberry Spinach Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad


  • Fresh spinach (I used Wegmans Organic)
  • Fresh, whole strawberries
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Goat cheese
  • Optional additions:
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries
  • Less expensive, but still soft and strong cheese options like feta


  1. Fill the bowl of your size choosing with a few handfuls of fresh, washed spinach.
  2. Shake a small handful of walnuts over the spinach bed.
  3. Top with a few goat cheese crumbles.
  4. Cut strawberries into small slices. I didn't use any dressing, so to add a bit of juice to the salad I gave my strawberry slices a soft squeeze with my fingers before adding them, just to release the juices without adding any sugar.
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I swear this is so delicious! And I usually only like salads covered in dressing because, let’s face it, lettuce is really just a vehicle to getting to eat yummy dressing. And hopefully my sub-par food photography skills don’t deter you. I even have this packed in my lunch for today!

So yeah, I’m trying to get more crafty in the kitchen and trying to get my eating back in full control while I’m only getting 1-2 easy and quick workouts a week in. Here’s to healthy eating!

Favorite salad or unusual salad topping?

Recipe ideas for something very easy, quick, and with a solid refrigerator shelf life? Go!

Tri Talk Tuesday – Must Have Gear

Howdy, and welcome back Tuesday! I am once again all linked up with the lovely Cynthia from You Signed Up For What for another Tuesday filled with banter and chatter all about triathlon!

Tri-Talk-Tuesday (1)

Today we’re chatting about our favorite must have gear. I’m pretty excited because frankly, I love a lot of my gear. And the thing about Triathlon is there is a heck of a lot of gear to have!

My most die hard, could never in a million year live without, favorite piece of gear is my Garmin 310XT. Sure, it might not be quite  as fancy as the 910XT, but it still give me way more data than I can even wrap my head around. I don’t know how I’ve been a runner for 14 years and never owned a GPS watch before this one. And I think about all my races pre-310XT and wonder how I ever managed to not care about my progress down to every detail. I have become a data junkie since finding this thing and I love it so much I’ve opted to skip workouts when I get to the gym or pool and realize I forgot it. Not even kidding. It’s like that old saying “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Except it more like, if a workout goes unrecorded did it really happen? In my mind, apparently, the answer is no, ha!

Garmin 310XT triathlon watch

I think my next favorite thing is probably my gear bag. Before this year I just haphazardly shoved everything into a gym duffle bag. But my husband surprised me with my Ogio Endurance 9.0 for Christmas last year and I was delighted. A transition bag was never on my radar. I guess I’ve always just thought I’d hold out until I get one for my first 140.6, but I am so grateful my husband beat me to the punch. This bag has the most incredible storage and every nook and cranny has a purpose and it’s labeled! There’s a special helmet pocket, a ventilated and lined pocket just for your wet wetsuit, a separate space for grimy wet shoes, everything! This bag was made with so much intention for triathletes it is just incredible. Sadly, it looks like they don’t carry the fabulous white orange and blue colored one I have, but don’t let the boring colors deter you, it is worth every penny and then some.

Ogio Endurance 9.0 transition bag

Last year’s Christmas haul including my beloved Ogio transition bag

Have I mentioned I’m not much a swimmer? If you know me you totally know what I’m talking about because I mention it every chance I get. But this year AudioFlood kindly sent me a waterproof ipod shuffle to review and giveaway and my life in the pool has been forever changed. This little thing has turned lap swimming into a complete joy and has made me look forward to my time in the pool more than ever. Seriously, coolest toy ever.


I can’t not mention my bike. My impulse buy, my little green machine, who I picked up as an unloved two year old model, the last one sitting on the show room floor looking to be homed. I was so happy to have gotten a fantastic deal, below entry level price, on a bike that has some stellar upgrades beyond that of an entry level bike. Finley has gotten me through a tough season this year and I can’t wait to get to race her again. I’m sad we’ll be missing FLT this year, but I know this bike and I have many, many years of riding together ahead of us. And she’ll most likely spend her winter warm and cozy on the trainer in the basement, so it’s not like I won’t keep riding.


I have so much gear. Seriously, so much. I’ve put a lot of effort and research over the years into my gear collection. The thing about triathlon is there is so much stuff that it takes a few years to really build your gear base. There’s always room for the newest toy or gadget, but honestly, I’m pretty content with where I sit right now.

Need help building your gear stockpile? Head over to and use code TRIGC14 to get 15% off your total purchase! Seriously, they have it all, so go buy yourself something nice for your fall races!

What’s your favorite piece of gear you own?

If you could upgrade one item what would it be and what would you get?

Next week’s theme is Try Something New! Whether it’s a new skill, workout class, or even something like a recipe you’ve been dying to try. Try something new this week then come link up and join us!

If You Give A Triathlete A Mile

Hi friends.

I only wrote twice last week, which is very unusual for me. I’m typically pretty good for four to five posts a week. And I missed you all because of my blogging negligence.

It was a perfect storm of officially, really, truly starting my new job and leaving for Syracuse Thursday for Emily and Andy’s wedding that Hubs and I were both in. It was super fun. I love Emily and Andy and was so, so, sooooo happy to be there for them all weekend. And we did a whole heck of a lot of drinking, eating, and goodness, so much bad white girl dancing. It was nice to go to their wedding as a guest since the last wedding I attended was, um, mine.

Two days in high heels and a ton of dancing and jumping around for hours Saturday night have left my calf sore today. I was going to run this morning, but I’m going to spend some time today trying to roll and stretch it out. If it’s not feeling much better I’ll hit the gym instead for the spin bike and some lifting.

Oh, did you catch that I said I was going to run today??? I “ran” last week!


Oh, right, that’s not entirely running. I was told do intervals with the run interval being no more than 30 seconds for now. So I obliged. I set my Garmin to the interval setting and put in 30 second runs and 1 minute walk intervals.

I will say, it did NOT feel like running. I had set my watch to six intervals and that left me short for my mile, so I just kept running afterwards  until I hit the one mile mark. Not what I was supposed to do, but it made me happy. And because today is a holiday I don’t have PT again until Wednesday, so I’m hoping to “run” at least once, hopefully twice more, before going back. Fingers crossed it keeps going well.


I still got to run a mile, even if it was painfully slow

I’m hoping my blogging will get back to normal. Although this week the kids show up and I have soooooo much to do. I’ll be spending a lot of time in my classroom today working on lesson plans. Two PT sessions and I have to get a physical Thursday afternoon since I had to buy life insurance. I lost what I had through the Council and don’t get any through school. Ugh, adulthood is kind of crummy sometimes.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is Tri Talk Tuesday and our theme is must have gear! Link up and have some fun with us. Also, it’s finally fall race season, so use code TRIGC14 for 15% off at to buy said gear =)

Anyone use the Galloway Method? Tell me about it!

What is your fastest and slowest mile time?

Dog Days of Summer

Whew. Working through some busyness, and go!

Life is hectic right now. I had two days of new teacher orientation yesterday and Monday. It was fantastic! My new school and the district as a whole makes me feel so appreciated, so supported, and like I matter. They make it clear that successful teachers are their mission because successful teachers means successful students which means a successful district. All my co-workers I’ve met are so nice and fun. My building administrators are incredibly approachable and couldn’t say enough about how much they want to help us become the best teachers we can be. I just really think this school is going to be the absolute perfect fit for me. I was getting a bit emotional talking with my building admins because I was just so overwhelmingly happy about how much they truly care.

I spent a few hours trying to get my classroom set up too and I am so not done. I also haven’t even started going through Bing’s materials to start writing lesson plans. I have so much work to do before the kids come next week and I have zero time this weekend. We’ll be in Syracuse Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. So I’ll be locked in my classroom all day tomorrow and all day Monday too rushing to get stuff done.

Also, I’m trying really hard to sweet talk my PT into letting me run again. I was told Monday to power walk 2-3 miles and if it’s pain free I can start Galloway running.


I was officially pain free on my walk. I may have also ran that last .13 miles. I just can’t help myself. So I’m fingers crossed today that I’ll get the green light to run Thursday.

Basically I’ll be starting from scratch? Or as close to scratch as I may end up after almost four weeks off running. I know I’m going to be slow, it’s going to be difficult, and I’m going to be cranky about it. But I still have two half marathons I’m cleared to race, so I need to get back at it. Although I’ll be honest, my leg is not 100% better. It does not feel normal yet. So I still have a ways to go, but I’m doing as much as I can to get myself back on my feet. I’m feeling so sluggish, fat, squishy, and gross from the lack of workouts. Ugh.


A good reminder. Sometimes we just need to be present in our journeys. And right now mine has me not running even though I have two half marathons coming up, one of which we planned an entire vacation around.

And because yesterday was national dog, Griswold puppy pictures are a given!



He’s much too big to nap in his toy basket anymore!

And one more for good measure-


Griswold’s best discipline is definitely eating!

Who else has a pup? Tell me about why they’re the best!

Tell me about your last run, I need to live vicariously through other runners!

Tri Talk Tuesday – Road Riding

Oh Tuesday! Here you are, sneaking up on me again. Cynthia and I are all linked up for another week of Tri Talk Tuesday! And today’s topic is one that is sometimes in hot debate- motorist and cyclists sharing the road.

Tri-Talk-Tuesday (1)

Some places are lucky enough to have bike trails that are nice and safe to ride. But most of us aren’t that lucky, myself included. So I get the pleasure of riding on the regular old roads with all the cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and whatever else. So I have to be on alert sometimes all the time when I’m riding.

If, like me, you’re left to road sharing when out riding, it’s soooo important to keep yourself safe as best as you can. You can’t control the drivers out on the road too and I hear lots of stories of people having things thrown at them, being yelled at, and intentionally pushed off the road. As the more vulnerable party, it’s up to us to do our best to stay safe. So here’s a few things to keep in mind to stay as safe as possible when out on the road.

1. Pick safe routes- Drive around a bit and scout out some roads. Or ask your local bike shop for some ride route ideas. Odds are there are roads with wide enough shoulders or even bike routes that are good for logging your miles. A little due diligence now means not ending up a narrow road with no shoulder crawling with trucks and cars.


2. Be prepared- Carry everything you need on you. This means a flat kit, a few extra bucks, water and food if need be, wear your helmet, have your phone and a form of ID. And speaking of ID…

3. Wear a Road ID- This is basically a medical alert bracelet on steroids. It will have you name, address, emergency contacts, and any known allergies or medical history listed on it. Should anything happen to you EMT’s will see it on your wrist and know who you are, how to treat you, and who to call within seconds of getting to you. And Road ID offers an emergency alert app so if you’re out riding or running and you stop moving for a certain amount of time it will ping an alert to your emergency contact’s phone letting them know you’re no longer moving so they can call and check on you. Road ID saves lives. I’m wear mine 24/7 and so should you. There’s a link on my right side bar for Road ID, so do yourself a favor and go buy one. Your life is worth it.

4. Know the rules of the road- Cyclists are legally allowed to share the road and under those laws we are also meant to follow the rules of the road. This includes riding with traffic, being in the turning lane if you’re making a left, obeying stop lights and signs, using hand signals to let motorist know your intentions, and all that comes with driving and riding. That said, the other rule you should know is how many feet a motorist is legally supposed to give you when they pass you. Don’t know your state’s law? Here they all are-


If you live outside the US I don’t have a map for you, sorry!

5. Be humble and cognizant- It’s tough because as cyclist we know we’re allowed to share the road, but just because we know it doesn’t mean motorists do. And even then they might but may not like having to be slower, more careful, respectful about sharing. Yes, motorists should know the laws around road sharing, but sometimes they don’t. Or sometimes they do and play ignorant. It’s up to you, the much more vulnerable party on the road to keep yourself safe. I’m not sure when it became okay in people’s mind’s to intentionally do harm to cyclists, and usually without repercussion, but lately that seems to be the trend.

Cycling is an incredible sport and one of the most freeing feelings you could possibly harness. It’s too bad that it’s so easy to tarnish the joy of riding. But with some smart planning and riding we can be happy, safe, and coexist with motorists.

What safety tips do you have to add?

Best part about riding a bike?

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