Running Derailed… Again


Hey, hey Monday! I’m going to keep announcing the day of the week because not working makes keeping track of that more difficult. So there ya go, you’re reminder of what day it is. I know you needed that too after the holiday weekend. Whoa, recap banner, where’d you come Read more →

HDBD Week 17


Wednesday! Hump day bump day! Yay! I’m 17 weeks and 3 days and just cruising right along. I mentioned we bought a crib and dresser over the weekend. We went out to Buy Buy Baby an there was a bedroom set we both really liked and it was marked down Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Tips For Picking a Triathlon Wetsuit

Fun fact; my wetsuit is currently being loved by someone else. Yes, it is true. I am currently too pregnant and round and will not even attempt to try my wetsuit on given the, should I say extreme, difference in my weight from last race season to right now. So Read more →

Recap, House Work, and Baby Bumps


Hello Monday. How nice to see you and not be in school. What a glorious feeling. Now if only it would stop being 60F and rainy I’d be really happy. Workout recap, this should be easy. I worked out once this week. I will say that is significantly better than Read more →

The Sweetness That Is Summer

Well, it’s official. It is Friday, June 26, 2015 and I am finally on summer break. This is my first summer break without a job since I was like 14. With the one exception of the summer of 2011 following my year teaching in Inner City Hell, which was a Read more →

HDBD Week 16


AHHHH!!!! Wednesday! Where did you come from!? I totally missed my usual Monday post. I’ve been soooo busy at school. Today is the last day with kids and then tomorrow is my last day. Then summer break! I cannot wait to be on summer break. Such a long time coming. Read more →

HDBD Week 15


Wednesday yay! My week is close to being half over and then there will only be two days left of real school. I just need to survive today which will be my most difficult day since I’m taking my kids outside with the beer goggles. Should be quite the experiment. Read more →

Dreams Do Not Expire


One more week of school. One more¬†real week of school. Last academic week. Survival mode activated. Just survive, just survive, just survive. This past week, I don’t know even know. School was hard. I’m so busy. My classroom is unbearably hot and humid. I’m exhausted. I come home from work Read more →

HDBD Week 14


Yay Wednesday! I am half way through another week, both school and pregnancy. Ticking off those days and weeks. I’m so ready for summer. I’m ready to plop my pregnant self down and not move for two months. I’m starting to look noticeably pregnant. Bets on whether or not I Read more →

Weekly Recap and Summer Countdown


It’s Monday. I have today then two more Mondays until I am done with school for the summer. Two and a half more weeks. Time, please move faster. This week was really tough for me. I seem to have developed a new symptom; the constant headache. My first one started Read more →