28 For 28

Happy weekend!

This weekend is super awesome because it’s my birthday weekend! I’ll be 28 on Sunday. Getting older, maybe wiser, definitely luckier. Things are pretty good on my end of life right now.

Just like last year, I thought I’d go ahead and list a number of things I hope to do or accomplish this year that correlates to my shiny new age. So here is my 28 for 28 list this year.

1. Kiss my baby everyday

2. Run outside in the sunshine

3. Run outside in the rain

4. Nap in my hammock

5.  Take a random trip somewhere

6. Swim, bike, and run new, longer distances

7. Take a cuddle nap with Ellie


8. Take Griswold for a walk somewhere new

9. Tell my husband how much I love him

10. PR my half iron distance time

11. Inspire my students

12. Teach someone something new about triathlons

13. Watch the sun come up over Seneca Lake

14. Tickle my daughter until she laughs

15. Have a fun weekend adventure in Nashville with my Junebugs

16. Get certified to teach spinning

17. Plant something new in my front landscaping

18. Take Ellie running in the stroller


19. Do something silly and out of my comfort zone

20. Start cooking more meals from scratch

21. Ride my bike downhill super fast and enjoy the wind on my face

22. Workout with my triathlon club

23. Finish Ironman Chattanooga

24. Stay injury free

25. Dance like nobody’s watching

26. Volunteer at a race

27. Swim care free in Seneca Lake

28. Enjoy all the little things in my life that are so good

Happy weekend, friends!

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