The Final Countdown

Nine more days. Nine more days. That also means the ten day forecast now goes through Sunday of next weekend. Currently it’s showing a high of 79 and a 40% chance of scattered rain showers. I know that will change a bit between now and then. Hopefully for the better.


I’ve gotten some workouts in everyday this week. Once again I find myself keeping my training solo. Albeit I went to spinning twice, but sitting in the dark in the corner of class still feels solo to me sometimes. I keep to myself. Except for when our hardcore triathlete instructor who teaches Thursday night dedicates the class to me and the hills I face next weekend at Syracuse and puts us through a tough hill work class.

And tonight, assuming the storms hold off, I’ll go to open water swim where other clubs members will be too. But swimming is a pretty individual activity, even if we all hang out on shore together first helping wrangle each other into wet suits.

In other news, my hip bursitis is bugging me again. I hemmed and hawed over the idea of getting a cortisone shot prior to IMCuse, but I wasn’t really in pain even though I knew it was swelling again. And now that it’s nagging me it’s too late. I know spinning is a big culprit so no more spin between now and IMCuse, lots of ibuprofen, stretching, and my anti-inflammatory cream my doctor gave me for it last time. Plus the bursitis bugs my IT band too, so that needs to be rolled out on both sides. And my calves need some stretching and rolling too. Time to get loose and limber before the big day.


But that’s about it with where I stand at this point. Getting my last few workouts in, stretching and relaxing my muscles to make sure I’m nice and fresh for next weekend. Hoping to get in open water a few more times, but otherwise I think I’m about as ready as I’m going to ever be!

Cheers to the taper!

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  1. Cheers to the taper!!! I find taper a very refreshing time. I know some people dread it and find themselves uncomfortable and antsy, but I find it a very well deserved time and the break that really distinguishes between training and race day. Sounds like you have a good plan for stretching, rolling and ibuprofen, so if you stick to it, your body should be good and ready to tackle race day!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Ironman Lake Placid Training Week #16My Profile

    1. I’m a bit antsy, but mostly I’m enjoying the downtime and just hoping to feel refreshed after some lighter training and more rest.

  2. Good luck Courtney! I’ll be thinking about you on Sunday and cheering you on! I had the beginnings of bursitis in my right hip and my Chiro told me to ice it every day, take anti inflammatories and use Traumeel or Voltaren on it. I did all of that, minus the anti-inflammatories as they totally mess with my stomach. It seemed to work well for me. I’ve also been getting ART & Acupuncture done on my hip & IT bands which has helped immensely. Foam rolling has been key for me in keeping myself fairly limber as well.
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    1. Voltaren is what they gave me last time. It helps some, but mostly it makes the inside of my pants slimy, haha. I will use it though since I still four tubes left. I’l be thinking of you next Saturday and cheering from over seas!

  3. Wow you are so close!! So excited for you, enjoy the taper! My race this weekend is 70’s with 40% chance of rain.. ugh.. 40% is not the number I wanted to hear…I hope your forecast changes! I also hope your hip feels better… I find that getting a GOOD massage a week or two before the race really helps. I don’t have bursitis, but I have very tight hips and issues with my TFL… massage works wonders. Looking forward to tracking you next weekend!!
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