A Belly Running

You’d think since I’m on summer break I’d have more time. Somehow I always feel busy, even if I’m not. I think that might just be called parenting. I don’t always know what I’m doing though, so don’t hold me to anything I have to say.

I’m chugging along.

At 22 weeks pregnant I am happy to have gotten s clean bill of health at our anatomy scan, so no high risk label this time. A big sigh of relief, a normal pregnancy, finally. Only took me three tries. That also means I can keep running to my hearts content. Or body’s ability. Whichever caves first.

At this point I’m doing a combination of running and baby boot camp classes. And at this point I’m mainly sticking to my treadmill for runs. We have a massive commercial grade behemoth of a treadmill that I desperately love. I could run outside, the weather has been mild enough this summer so far, but my oversized treadmill with give to it is much gentler on my aching, growing body these days, so it’s allowing me to do more than I think I could outside right now.

When I am heading outside to run I’m putting Ellie in the BOB and doing run/walk intervals. I’m past the point of just running with the stroller, pushing my 23lbs toddler and my giant swaying belly. But I’ve figured out the 3×1 minute run/walk intervals seems to be a nice sweet spot for me right now, so I’ll try to keep getting Ellie out on runs with me when I can.

I’m thinking of trying to find one more 5k to run, just one more to let my belly make an appearance and feel like I’m finally in control during a pregnancy. A little in a control at least. A little.

All this to say, I’m doing okay. I suspect I will continue to slow down, begin to not run as long or as far, but until then I’m going to keep enjoying running and going to boot camp while my belly grows.

I’m hoping that continuing to be healthy and active will benefit both my girls. My girls.

And it just makes me happy. So that’s always a plus too.