A Lesson Learned in Stopping

Oh my gosshshshshhh. I picked up Finley this weekend. Look how pretty she is.

I’m so excited! 

Saturday morning started with a failed attempt to get my clipless pedals off my road bike. There were a few tense moments of frustration. Eventually we loaded my Jamis into the car and brought it along to have the bike shop take them off. And even the kid at the bike shop who ended up taking them off complained about how tightly they we were cranked on. 

They already had my bike set up on the trainer when I got there, so I put on my clip shoes, they put on my clipless pedals, and I hopped on. They measured, had me spin a bit, tweaked my seat, measured again and I was all set. They had done the majority of my fitting the day I bought it and they had already cut the aero bars and done a few other things in the weeks between. 

I did forget to grab the owners manual and touch up paint off the counter, so I need to call and see if they’ll toss those in the mail for me.

I went down in the basement and after some rustling around I managed to find the bike trainer and brought it up. Makeshift mats ensued. We have a mat to go under the spin bike, but I don’t know where it is. This was just as easy for now. 

Griswold approves

Using the trainer is all nice and good, but I wanted to ride my new bike. We’re in a bit of a warm snap and Sunday was the last of it, so I threw on a jacket and opted to ride a lap around the neighborhood. 

Except this is not the time of year people look for cyclists. That and people seem to think stop signs are optional once in the depths of the neighborhoods. Usually I won’t really ride my bike around the neighborhoods here because people drive terribly through them and they’re riddled with stop signs and traffic lights. But I really wanted to ride my new bike. 

I loved riding Finley. Her gears changed incredibly smoothly and quickly. The SRAM microshifters maintain their position too regardless of which gear you’re in, which is nice. I thought I would miss the analog visual on the shifters of my Jamis, but from the aero position I can see my rings, so a quick glance down tells me exactly what gear I’m in. Awesome! The full carbon frame and fork make it super light and agile and I had no trouble getting her up to almost 22mph on a flat straight away. And the bayonet steering system makes it crazy sensitive to the lightest touch for turning. 

Then I approached a four way stop. And a black, blob-ish SUV thing ran the stop sign. So I did the sensible thing and hit my brakes to avoid being smashed into. Holy sensitive brakes Batman! The bike stopped immediately. Too bad for me though, I did not. My body’s forward momentum was strong enough to yank my cleats right out of my clipless pedals and I flipped head first over my aerobars. I took a hard left side smash to the concrete and thankfully my beautiful new bike landed on top of me. 

See that flatline across the bottom before 6:40, followed by a small spike and a longer flatline? That was breaking to a complete stop, then Garmin recorded my midair dismount over the aerobars, followed by laying the street. Garmin clocked my flip at 1.6mph. True story.

Then the guy who ran the stop sign rolled his window down to ask if I was okay. And I proceeded to yell at him about how stop signs work. Because I’m klassy. 

I was only about half a mile from home, so no big deal. Good thing too, my bike must have landed on the seat and it shoved my seat post all the way down. So now I need to go get my seat refitted. But at least aside from a few road rash scrapes and a sore left wrist Finley and I are both fine. 

And now I wake up Monday morning with my whole left side sore and bruised. My shoulder down to my fingertips are sore and my hip down to my ankle is completely bruised. Ouch, ouch, ouch. No gym for me today after all. 

This will probably be my last post until after Christmas, so I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, perfect holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

TriGirl Love to you all!

2 Replies to “A Lesson Learned in Stopping”

  1. Sorry to hear about your mishap Courtney. Each year I have one more close call than the last, just waiting for tha actual accident to come as mine aren’t in town, they’re out on the road. I hope you heal fast. You have a race in 5 months! I’m still in denial about having to get on my rollers for the season. Not a huge fan of being inside because it’s mostly painful interval work! I’m going to get a fitting done soon on a road bike I have, can’t wait! When you get your bike seat post reset, get ALL of your measurements so you can do it yourself and if you must pack your bike up for transport you may have to take it apart and you’ll put it back together the way she was. Enjoy the new ride and Merry Christmas!

    1. I usually spend the winter cooped up in spinning classes, but I just couldn’t resist a test ride. And I had planned to use a sharpie to mark all my measurements, just hadn’t gotten that far yet. Hopefully I won’t have to disassemble my bike anytime soon. My farthest race I plan to do is Ironman Chattanooga in 2015, but I’ll drive the 14 hours there. Maybe for Kona someday. Can’t wait to race in May! It’ll be my first race with the new bike. Merry Christmas!

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