A Tough Week and a Tricky Treadmill

Whew, what a week! I had a tough time fitting everything in this week for whatever reason, but I still managed to get some activity in. My last full week of summer is this week and we have a lot going on, so I foresee this being a difficult week as well. Time to start juggling!


Monday I did not get a workout in. I planned to meet Hubby at the gym at 7pm when he closed up the building, but it was his first day back at work full time and when I showed up he told me he wasn’t going to workout. I got a little cranky and told him I wasn’t going to either than. There was no reason for him to hang around while I worked out after he’d been there all day. I wish he would have told me earlier so I could have done something else, but it is what it is. So be it.

Tuesday I did get out for a run. I did a smidgen over a mile around my neighborhood at 1.05 miles. It was slow and difficult, as usual, but I’m still plodding so it’s okay.

Wednesday I had an early OB appointment and had to drive to Syracuse too early to squeeze in a workout. I ended up hanging around all day, so nothing for me in terms of activity.

On Thursday I headed out for a run in the morning and oh my gosh, it was brutal! I walked for a bit around the three quarter mile mark and gave up at 1.04 miles. I was on the verge of tears I was frustrated and upset. I’m not ready to be done running yet. And this run made me feel like the end was immanent. I did get myself to the gym in the evening and got in an hour spin class. That went well and left me feeling better about my ability to keep up on my usual activity level.

Feeling a little happier post spin class. Also, where did those boobs come from!? Yowza!

Friday the only thing I really did was walk Griswold. We’ve been walking him twice a day, usually just around our neighborhood and our usual loop is less than a mile. Friday between our two walks we did about three miles, so it was really nice.

Saturday I laced up again and headed out to run, trying to see if my bad run Thursday was a fluke or the nail in my running coffin. I foam rolled my legs well before heading out and even though I’m still slow and running is still hard, I ran 1.51 miles and felt as good as pregnancy running can feel. Verdict- I will live to run another day.

After running on Saturday, two of Rob’s friends met us at the fieldhouse and we grabbed and loaded up our new treadmill that Hubs and I had dismantled the night before. Hubs works in college athletics and their fitness center got new treadmills, so we bought one of the old ones from them, so it’s new to us, but it’s a commercial grade treadmill so even though it’s a few years old and has some miles on it, it’s in great shape. Their house mechanic helped Rob pick out which one was in the best shape and went ahead and grabbed that one.

Oh. My. Gosh. Rob and his buddies got the treadmill loaded up and delivered to our house, one half at a time, then spent a good amount of time trying to get what was roughly the 400lbs belt and motor into our basement. It was terrifying and difficult. And after about two hours they had the first piece in place in the basement and the second half, the arms and monitor, sitting in our kitchen. They both had to go, so Hubs attempted to take the upper half apart to get it downstairs after they left. But you know what? That damn thing does not come apart. So it turned into Hubs and I trying with all our might to get it downstairs. Ultimately we has to take it through the cellar doors which required us to take apart part of the door jam for one of the three (why three..?) doors that are all stacked in that entrance.

It was insanely difficult, took us way too long, and was significantly more lifting than I’m cleared to do. Not to mention that by going through the cellar doors we were squatted under the deck. So I was lifting heavy while squatted for about an hour. I was hurting something fierce by the time we were done. To the point were I showered then climbed into bed to whimper to myself until I felt semi decent again. Then I pulled on my big girl yoga pants, because let’s be real, I got into bed with zero pants on to begin with, and went downstairs to help Hubs put the behemoth treadmill back together.

Yes, there is a ceiling tile missing above it. A certain someone in our family was about an inch too tall for the short basement ceilings.
Yes, there is a ceiling tile missing above it. A certain someone in our family was about an inch too tall for the short basement ceilings. *Hint-it’s not me*


That freaking thing is never leaving the basement. NEVER. When we eventually sell this house and move, it’s staying and the future owners can do with it as they please. It took us from about 9:20am until 6pm to get that monstrosity from the fieldhouse, to our house, into our basement, and reassembled. It will never ever budge from that spot. I’ll also be putting the trainer tire on Finley and setting up my trainer next to it once I’m not an enormous pregnant monster anymore.

But, the beautiful thing is now we can both run this winter. With Eleanor being born in December and us working opposite schedules, we’ll both be home alone with her half the day. We won’t be able to take her out running until six months old and since no one else will be home to watch her if one of us wants to go run, the option was lost. But now we can just pop her in a pack and play and hop on our treadmill to run while she snoozes.

This week is my last full week of summer. I still need to finish my curriculum work, I have a student council and PBIS meeting one day this week, lunch with my fabulous friend from college, our hospital tour, and our next house reno crew is showing up today. It may be a bit trickier for me to squeeze things in this week, but as long as I can cram at least four workouts in I’ll be happy. Running, spinning, and hopefully swimming. I need to swim.

Best and worst workout this week?

Do you have any fitness equipment in your house? What do you have and love?

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  1. Enjoy your last week of summer break!! I am currently back into the “juggling” part of life, since I started school today with the students again…only 179 days left until summer break 😉 In all seriousness, I love teaching, but I am not a fan of the first couple of weeks of school and look forward to weeks 3+ when all of the chaos of the new year is behind us. I hope your 2015-2016 school year starts off very positively!!
    Kecia recently posted…Post Ironman Boulder – What’s Next???My Profile

    1. I actually like the first couple of weeks because the kids are generally on their best behavior. Once they get comfortable they start getting a little more riled! Hope your first day back was great!

  2. That treadmill situation sounds crazy! We used to have a treadmill when we lived in Philly and getting it downstairs to sell when we moved was so hard. We managed to get it all the way out to the street okay…and then we ended up scratching up the bumper of our jeep trying to put it in there! I was so mad. But it was worth having it – I trained for my first half marathon on it (it was in February) and I loved that I could run at any time of day and in any weather! You’re going to love it!
    Kristen recently posted…The Most Alaskan Weekend EverMy Profile

    1. Yes, I love hearing it’s worth it and I remember thinking what a badass you were doing 10 and 11 mile runs on a treadmill!

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