A Training Plan and A Dream

Okay! Here it is, my winter training plan for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse.

I’ve spent a good amount of time thinking this through and this past week I started getting myself out of my slump and back into routine. I was able to tweak a few things to get my schedule just right based on some of my workouts over the last couple of weeks. 

Take swimming for example. This past week I went to pool on Tuesday and Thursday. Originally I planned my swims to be on Thursday, but I have to go into work earlier, so I decided to move swimming to Tuesday because I have more time, which I find I need for swimming. 

I also originally planned my long spin for Tuesdays since Rob works late, but I figure it’ll wipe me out so I’m better off having it be my last workout before a rest day. Especially since Fridays Rob opens at work so I get a chance to sleep in with the bed all to myself. 

You can also see the weekends are left pretty ambiguous. I’ll workout one of the two days but It’ll most likely be decisions made a day or two out. All I know for sure is that every other Sunday the tri club does swim lessons for members with Hall of Fame swimmer Neil Brophy and I plan to get in on those. All my specific workouts like run lengths, strength sessions, and specific speed drills will be decided at the beginning of the week. 

So there it is, my winter training schedule. Once spring rolls around I’ll re-evaluate and make a bunch of changes to account for outdoor runs and rides and open water swims in Seneca Lake. I begin this plan first thing Monday morning. Half Ironman, here I come!

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What are your winter workout plans? Training for anything special?
Just because, what’s your favorite Halloween candy?

4 Replies to “A Training Plan and A Dream”

  1. How exciting!! Just the thought of beginning HIM training is pretty good motivation to stay on track through winter. Are you using a specific plan or just something you created on your own? Curious as to how long your spins inside will be? And will you be incorporating any spin classes @ the gym? (I have yet to go and am wondering how much MORE of a workout it really is)

    Myself, I’m still working through half marathon training for Dec’s race and then my own HIM training starts up on 1/1/14!!

    And I’m not sure it’s really classified as Halloween candy, but there is nothing better in my book than an Almond Joy. 🙂

    1. Almond Joy’s are awesome!

      I devised my own plan based on some looking around at pre-created training plans, my own needs, my current fitness level, and the level I’d like to be at for my race. The two spin’s I have listed on my plan are both gym classes. You should definitely, 1000% go to spinning classes! They’re hard, but you’ll be grateful. I attribute a lot of my cycling strength to spin classes. The three hours I plan to spin on Thursday’s are actually two one hour classes with an hour gap inbetween. So I’ll go to the first, stay and spin through the hour break solo, then take the second class. Should pretty much kill me.

    1. I’m hoping to have a 3 hour bike for IMCuse, so I figure I may as well build up my strength with a 3 hour spin! Ask me again on Thursday how I feel about this decision, haha.

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