A Week Awry

I’m going to start off by reminding myself and everyone else about my training schedule for this week-

Monday: base run + strength
Tuesday: FLTC swim practice + run
Wednesday: run OUTSIDE!!(am) + bike ride and short run OUTSIDE(pm)
Thursday: FLTC swim practice(am) + 90 minute spin + run(pm)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: long bike ride outside (distance TBD)

And now I’m going to tell you how much I’ve already failed. 

Monday I did zero things. Zero. None. Nothing. 

My alarm went off and I hesitated. If there’s one piece of advice I can give to anyone trying to force themself into becoming a morning workout person it’s to roll out of bed immediately. Do no hesitate, because as soon as you do your brain starts thinking and that damn brain gets you into trouble. And I broke my cardinal rule of waking up for a morning workout; I hesitated. And in that moment my brain attempted to process what was happening. 

“Why the hell is my alarm going off on Sunday. Screw that.” And back to sleep. It was NOT Sunday, by the way. And with an 11 hour workday on my schedule I could not make up the workout in the evening. So Monday became an impromptu rest day because my brain made up the decision for me. Don’t let your brain make decisions. That is bad. 

Yesterday morning I did get up right at 5am, no thinking, just roll out of bed. And you know what, no matter how many years I’ve been playing the get up to workout game, something about swimming at 530am just feels wrong. My body just cannot compute this. I can run, ride, lift, whatever. But being in the water moving at 530 in the morning is just hard. I did however manage to crank out 2500 meters and average a 1:53/100 pace, so I’m not complaining. 

As for the post swim run, I totally packed up all my running gear the night before then forgot to grab it on my way out the door. So no run Tuesday morning. And with my parent’s coming to take me out for my early birthday dinner there was no working out after work for Tuesday either. 

Dinner was delicious by the way! And my parents got us the rest of the Feista Ware we had registered for for our wedding, so we can officially finish clearing out all the cheap Target dishes we’ve been using the last few years.

This morning I got up for a run. I did not get up right away. I laid in bed half asleep for an extra 30 minutes and it was much appreciated. When I finally stepped out onto the pavement for my run the sun was just coming up, so I ran facing the pink sky and it felt great t be out in the fresh air. I did 3 miles at a moderate 9:10 pace. Not super fast, but comfortable enough. 

Let’s not talk about my heart rate, okay? It was high, but that’s what I get for not running for two weeks. My run cadence is usually higher than that too. Someone needs to stop dragging their feet (me). 

And if I can get out of work on time today I’m really hoping to get a few miles on my bike in. Even if it’s only for like 30 or 40 minutes, I don’t care. I just want to ride. The great news is though that I have comp time from my long day Monday, so I’ll work at lunch time tomorrow and I plan to get out of a nice, long ride right away. And I’ll probably still go to spinning since I feel like I have some catching up to do in terms of my training. 

So there’s my week so far. I’m planning on running Friday since I have the day off. My job views birthdays as holidays and we can take any day during our birthday week as a paid day off, so of course I picked Friday. So I’ll make up Monday’s workout then. But I plan to keep it light and easy so I can crank out a long run Saturday too. 

What’s good this fine hump day for you?
Do you try to make up missed workouts?

9 Replies to “A Week Awry”

  1. That is so cool that your job gives you a day off in your bday month!!! Don’t beat yourself up about a missed workout, they happen from time to time. I don’t always make up a missed workout unless it was something critical like a long run. Otherwise, I just focus on the next workout. Our training is not defined by a single workout but an entire training cycle. Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Sometimes I try to make up missed workouts, it just depends on what else is scheduled for the week and how important that particular workout was. My schedule is pretty fixed though so most of the time, I just leave the workout as a missed workout and move on. Love that your work gives you a day off in your b-day month!!! That’s so awesome!

  3. I was yelled at by Meredith/Brett when asking about making up missed workouts so no, I don’t try to squeeze stuff in anymore. Makes me feel like crap though so I’m not really sure of the benefits. That’s really cool what your company does for birthdays – hope you have some really fun plans to celebrate!

  4. What’s good? I have two more workouts (long swim tonight and recovery run tomorrow morning) before I get a massage tomorrow afternoon (followed by a rest day Friday)! I am SO looking forward to it and it is keeping me going!!!

    I totally agree with the getting up at 5:00am part…I can do it to get on the trainer and even run, but I have yet to commit to a swim that early. I just can’t wrap my head around it, so I don’t even plan it. I swim in the evenings primarily. So, awesome job for getting up AND getting to the pool!!!

  5. I do always make up missed workouts because my lifts are so planned out that missing one one week tends to throw everything off. I’m having a great week (thanks for asking!) and super pumped for a girls trip this weekend to KC!

  6. I definitely try to make up workouts. I am a morning workout person, but I still set my phone across the room because then I have to get out of bed to turn it of..r

  7. I don’t necessarily try to make up workouts because, like sleep, that time has come and gone. All you can do is move on and ready yourself for the next. If I miss a workout due to fatigue, sleep, or other obligations, I take it as a sign that my body needs it and/or that other things in life still have to be a priority at times too!

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