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I’m Courtney Fields, recently married twenty-something year old. My husband and I share a home together with our crazy chocolate lab Griswold in the heart of New York wine country (yum!)

I’ve been a runner for over a decade but in 2012 I made the jump by participating in my first triathlon and I’ve been hooked ever since. Follow me while I chronicle my training, races, and life. I hope to show others what an amazing sport triathlon is and to inspire you to give it a tri!

I am also an ambassador for a few fitness companies you should check out-
All3Sports– Awesome triathlon store located in Atlanta, GA. They’re some of the nicest, most knowledgeable triathlon folks you could ever meet. Use code TRIGC14 to get 15% off you order while you’re over there checking them out!
FitFluential– Awesome community that is encouraging of health and fitness promotion
Fit Approach/Sweat Pink– Awesome company that is all about embracing and sharing the love of health and fitness

For my full story, you can read up here or check out my feature on listoftriathlonblogs.com over here!

8 Replies to “About Me”

  1. thank you very much I enjoyed the article on tapering I have my first 70.3 Ironman Muncie in less than two weeks bit nervous trying to read everything I can get my hands on

    1. Glad it was helpful for you! Good luck in Muncie!!!! I’ve heard great things about the course =)

  2. I have been following your blog since I read your recap of the mini mussel last year. I thought you might be interested in the Cabot fit team. They are accepting applications for their 2015 team. I am one of the farmer owners and last year was my first year of completing trialthlons.

    1. Oh wow, thank you! I just looked into this and it looks awesome. Also, how did you know my favorite food was cheese =P Sounds like heaven to me; running and cheese, perfect!

      1. Good Luck! If you get in make sure you let me know. I am going to run one of the events with the team this year. I am not sure if it going to be Vermont marathon (relay) or Beach to Beacon. I think I am going to run Beach to Beacon with Cabot Fit Team or with another running friend. It is an amazing race.

        1. I will let you know! I applied last night and picked Beach to Beacon as my race of choice, so hopefully I get selected. It seems like such an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much for letting me know about it!

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