Accepting When You Miss A Workout

I’m off work this week and had grand plans for my workouts. But you know what? Life still happens.

Even though Rob is home during the day and I could work out at times that I prefer, I made a point to stick to my “schedule” and still do all my workouts after the baby went to bed. It’s important that I muscle through and make this change stick, make it my new normal. Because the fact of the matter is I don’t like working out at night but this is my only time slot until I go on summer break at the end of June, so it has to work. And therefor, even though I had options for workout times this week, I stuck to my night workout routine.

Last night, life happened. Ellie was fighting her usual midday nap. I was working hard to try and get her down for it and she slept a bit here and a bit there, but mostly she skipped it. Finally, finally, she fell asleep on me. And then I fell asleep.

Someday she won’t nap with me like this anymore, so even if it means a missed workout, I’m going to soak up these moments.

I think I remember Rob leaving for work. Recap, he works at 4pm. So I was asleep on the couch at 4pm. And then suddenly the baby stirred and the dog stirred and it was 5pm. And we’re up.

Ellie’s bedtime has become pretty routine around 7:15-7:30 now. Girl is a creature of habit, just like her mama. But not last night. Not when your nap that usually goes from noon til like 3ish suddenly becomes 3-5pm instead. Oops.

Ultimately, she missed her bedtime. She fell asleep later than normal and it required more coaxing than normal. And the thing is, I’m not at work this week. Time doesn’t necessarily matter. It could have been 10pm and I could still get my workout in because I don’t have to function the next day. But I opted to forgo my workout.

I’m trying to set myself on a schedule as much as we’re trying to get Ellie on a schedule. During a work week there’s a cut off of when it gets too late for me to start a workout because I do need to get to bed and get enough sleep to teach the next day. And last night that cut off was met, so even though I didn’t have work to contend with, I still stuck to my “schedule”.

And here’s the thing. Normally I would beat myself up over a missed workout. I’d try to squeeze it back in somewhere else or fret over it. And right now it’s tough because I’m trying so hard to rebuild my base after being pregnant and having a c-section and honestly, I’m not where I thought I would be by now.

8pm workout, I can do this!
8pm workout, I can do this! Maybe with enough of these that baby fat roll and c-section shelf will finally start to go away. One can hope.

I’m doing great all things considered, but I’m still not quite where I need to be. So missing a workout is really difficult. I have an Ironman in seven months and I haven’t run 4 miles or longer yet, I haven’t spent more than 45 minutes on my bike at a time, I’ve only swam once. I have a long, long way to go and very little time to get there. And I still need to juggle working full time and being a new mom with a baby at home.

The point is, I have a lot on my plate. I’m going from zero to 144.6 in less then ten months. My training will not be perfect. I will miss workouts. I won’t get the level of training in that I would if I didn’t have a baby in the mix. I’m going to have to hope that quality over quantity, which has worked for me in the past, will work again now.

I’m not going to beat myself up over a missed workout. I’m not going to try and “squeeze it back in” or make it up. Instead I’m going to kiss my daughter, tell my husband I love him, get a little sleep, and start fresh the next day. So while normally I would fret over missing my workout last night, I’m not going to let myself. I’ve never had obstacles like this before and I can accept that and move forward.

Family trumps. Life trumps. I know I will train enough to finish. And while I’m not there yet, I’m not where I hoped to be yet, I will get there. I will persevere. Because I am capable.

How do you handle a missed workout?

Do you make it up or move on?

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  1. I am trying to be better about adapting and going with the flow when it comes to missed workouts. I used to try to add in extra miles later in the week, but usually if I am missing a workout it is because I was too physically exhausted to get it done. So adding in extra miles later is just going to exacerbate the problem. If I miss a key workout like a speed session or long run, I try to fit it in later in the week by cutting out an easy run. If I miss an easy run, I try to just let it go. Emphasis on try, I’m not always successful.

    Just keep doing the best you can and I am positive you will make it to the finish line.
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…All things stressMy Profile

    1. That a good idea to kind of prioritize workouts and what is worth making up versus what can be let go or shuffled out. I’ll have to keep that idea in mind.

  2. Sometimes missed workouts are what my body and mind need, so I don’t try to make them up. Other times, I do try to make them up if I’m feeling good and I have the time later in the week to get them in. Ultimately it boils down to staying positive and focused no matter what curve ball life throws your way. 🙂
    Kecia recently posted…Change Takes CourageMy Profile

    1. Staying positive and focused, I like it! Also, I LOVED your post about change taking courage. I’ve been meaning to get over there to tell you that, but I’m so rarely in front of a computer and I have yet to figure out commenting on posts from email. But seriously, that post was lovely 🙂

  3. In the beginning I kinda freaked out when I missed workouts. Now, I don’t care. I listen to my body and do what feels right. Sometimes I swap with a rest day, sometimes I bump it to the end of the program, and I can even skip it all together.

  4. Oh I remember those naps with a baby on my chest. You have a big goal (144.6 … is that Chattanooga?). I’m sure you’ll get there. I am impressed actually with how much you’re already doing. I didn’t even get back to just a marathon until my son was 2.
    Amy recently posted…Triathlon Wetsuit 101My Profile

    1. Yup, Chattanooga! It’s been a challenge to get in workouts, physically and mentally, but it helps me in a lot of way so I make it work. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

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