Adjusting Expectations

Wow. Hi Monday. Where did you come from?

Guys. Babies are difficult. I went three days without even touching my computer. I forgot it even existed for a bit there, hence the lack of posting. Because sometimes babies fuss and cry and cluster feed for SEVEN straight hours and you cry the whole time because you are so exhausted. And when she finally passes out your options are computer, nap, shower, or alcohol. And obviously you pick alcohol. And that’s how you end up having beer for lunch and going without a shower that day. Because obviously.


And sometime you only get two hours of sleep over the course of 24+ hours. And everything hurts because you are so tired and you just cry some more, because crying is just what you do now most days. And other nights the baby sleeps from midnight until 6am and it feels like a Christmas miracle. A Christmas miracle that has never repeated itself but that one time was pretty nice.

I did walk this week. Not as much, but I tired. I did 1.75 miles on Monday on the treadmill and 1.52 miles on Wednesday. We also did a couple of family walk outside because it is so unseasonably warm outside right now.

I’m trying hard. I finally pulled a pair of regular jeans out of a tub in the attic and put away my maternity pants. The size I’m in hurts my feelings but not as much as being four weeks postpartum and still sporting maternity pants does, so sacrifices on my emotional state have been made. So that’s where I’m at with that. I haven’t weighed myself in a few days. I know my weight loss has stalled out and my eating wasn’t great this weekend, so I’d rather not ruin my days by stepping on the scale.

With tight enough high waisted workout pants I can almost make myself flat through my midsection again.
With tight enough high waisted workout pants I can almost make myself flat through my midsection again. Almost. 

Two more weeks of walking, then hopefully I can run and ride again. I’m hoping to walk more this week. At least three days, but hopefully more. And start hitting the two plus mile mark. I think if I take things slow and easy it shouldn’t be an issue, but of course I’ll play it all by feel. I refuse to let myself do more than I know I should. I really want to make sure I heal completely from my c-section before I jump into things too much.

It’s tough to have to adjust my expectations. My workouts, my body image, the way my days run, my ability to have any time to myself most days. It’s an adjustment. A big one. It’s difficult and I’m trying really hard to figure it all out. I just need to learn how to prioritize and squeeze in what I can. I have a learning curve in front of me for sure, but I think I can get there. I can get there.

What was your best workout this week?

How do you adjust your expectations when you suddenly need to?

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I am definitely enjoying the baby snuggles whenever I can. As much as I want me time sometimes, I won’t let that interfere with moments with my new daughter.

  1. You are doing great! It does get easier or you just get used to it…I’m not sure but one day you’ll look back and wish she was that little! Don’t blink she’ll be 10 years old before you know it. I had a really rough time with my first so I know how you feel. I’d go days without a shower! Hang in there mama and do rely on that outside help that everyone offers. My mistake was thinking I could do it all myself.

  2. I am so proud of you! I know you’re doing the best you can and you look great for 4 weeks post-baby! And I would personally stay in those maternity pants as long as possible, or even just leggings as pants. I do that and I’m not even pregnant/post baby 🙂
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    1. Oh believe me, I still wear my full panel yoga pants every day and will continue to do so!

  3. Be kind to yourself!! You are an amazing athlete and having Ellie doesn’t change that one little bit. Be kind to your body and your spirit right now – take it one step at a time. That you’re getting in your walks in the midst of everything is an accomplishment, so give your self a break. Hang in there mama!
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