Ain’t No Snow Gonna Slow Me Down

Monday again. Where did my weekend go?

I did have a decent week of workouts. Slowly but surely, I am getting back into a groove. Slowly but surely.

No workout Monday. Tuesday I headed to spin class. It went pretty well and I pushed pretty hard the whole time.

Wednesday was a bit of a different day for me. We were getting slammed with a snow storm, so about half way through the day our district announced they were cancelling all after school activities. Good news for me, I can spend extra time in the gym. At the start of the last period we were told to check our emails though and found out they were planning to send the kids home about half an hour early and planned to have staff heading home by 230. It was a crazy fiasco, the kids went nuts. I helped load buses and tried to help tame the crazy, but it was a lost cause. I left the building right at 230 and my 12.5 mile drive home took me an hour. It was exhausting and terrible and by the time I got home I just did not feel like going to the gym. The thought of running on the treadmill and fighting my footpod that needs recalibrating just did not sound appealing. I did take Griswold for a walk though, then promptly threw on some cold weather gear and headed out the door. Yup, I ran through the blizzard.



I actually really love running outside when the snow is falling. I told myself I’d do a mile just to do something, but I was feeling great and loving stomping my way through 8′ of fresh powder with more coming down, so I just kept running. And I would have ran more than I did if it didn’t get so dark. First big snow fall of the year and it usually takes a couple before people remember how to drive in the snow safely. No running with the crazed drivers during rush hour in the dark and blizzard for me. So I called it at 3.25 miles, sadly.




Thursday was more spin class. I struggled a bit in this class. I didn’t give it my all. And somehow I ended up surrounded by a bunch of new people, which is fine, it was just weird. Lots of new people in the class and I felt like I was in a bubble of them. But after class one of them tapped me on the shoulder and told me I killed it, so that was super nice of her. Didn’t feel like I killed it, but I can take a compliment.

Friday I took a rest day since we had a 5k race on Saturday. Full race report coming for that soon, but I did have a pretty decent race, so that’s that. Not a bad week overall.

This week should be a solid combo of running and spinning. Hopefully our pool is warm enough for me to get in and start swimming again.

Last week of school before winter break. The kids will psycho, I will be a hot mess. Hopefully I can have a decent week filled with trying to actually get in instruction in between children being crazy and get in a few workouts.

Ready, set, here we go!

What are you doing to get ready fro Christmas in two weeks?

Did you/are you doing a holiday race?

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  1. Brrr! That looks cold! Michigan has been having the weirdest winter (NOT complaining!!!). It was 50 yesterday. Last year it was below freezing and snowing.

    In terms of work: I am so ready for this holiday and 12 days off of work!
    In terms of reality: I still have some shopping to do and some cookies to bake. I haven’t been feeling very festive so I am hoping that turns around soon.
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…Fighting wordsMy Profile

    1. Our weather has been really back and forth too! The foot of snow we got is almost all gone already.

  2. That run in the snow sounds amazing! There’s something very peaceful about running in the snow – at least until you hit an area with lots of crazy drivers.
    I’ve got a race coming up on January 1st – great way to ring in the new year (though I doubt we’ll have snow in this part of the country).
    Liz recently posted…12 Days of Blogmas #3 – 3 Pairs of ShoesMy Profile

    1. I’ve always been curious about New Year day runs. I feel like that would be so difficult if you stayed up all night. Good luck!

    1. Two full weeks, I’m so excited! But I am a little sad because the second week we really do have to have some track practices, which cuts into my two weeks of nothing but gym and laziness plans.

  3. I love running in the snow!! It is so much fun and there usually aren’t as many people out on the roads (unless everyone is getting off of work).

    I too am anxious for winter break. How long do you have off? We get two weeks and I am definitely looking forward to it. We will most likely visit my parents for a couple of days (depending on the weather), but the rest will be spent at home cooking, cleaning and WORKING OUT (that I am the most excited about)!!

    Good luck with the psycho part of this week 😉

    1. I have a full two weeks too! I’m super excited! We do have to have a few track practices the second week, which I’m kind of sad about, but still better than working!

  4. So I think this is funny coming from an Alaskan, but I’m jealous of your snow AND you are so badass for running in so much of it! I am going to lose my mind if we don’t get some snow soon – It only snowed twice and we have like 2 inches on the ground. The sun can’t melt it so it’s just hanging around, but I want more!
    Kristen recently posted…Would You Rather: Holiday Edition!My Profile

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