All Good Things

So a lot of really cool and exciting things all sort of happened at once. 

First thing’s first, if you glace up at your address bar you’ll notice my shiney new URL. I went ahead and secured my dot-com, which makes me feel more legit. For anyone who follows me or subscribes to me, no worries, you don’t have to do anything. For those of you with my .blogspot URL saved or bookmarked, no worries for you either. I’m still hosted by blogger, so you’ll get redirected automatically. So no one has to do anything and you get all the same goodness from me. 

The second awesome thing that happened was this!

I won Swim Bike Mom’s Swim Bike Sell shoe give away! I may need to go on a give away hiatus, because that’s two in a row for me that she’s sponsored. I’m still rocking my Athlete Inspired bracelet I snagged last month too. I’m super excited for free shoes. Swim Bike Sell has a limited option for shoes, so I’m doing some research and trying to decide on the best possible route to go on this. So sometime next week I’ll go ahead and get those shipped out to me. 

The third awesome thing that happened is something I have hemmed and hawed over for like a year now.

I’m finally joining my local tri club. I’ve been following them on facebook for a while and have been wanting to join, but I know a few of them ran IM Lake Placid this year, so I didn’t know ifI was good enough to hang. But my Thursday night spin instructor encouraged me and sent me the application. So I’ll get that back to them this week. And they got New York State Hall of Fame Master Swimmer Neil Brophy running private swim lessons for club members every other week for the off season. I need swimming help badly, so this could be very good, as long as I don’t horrendously embarrass myself. 

So three awesome things, yes! And now, be on the look out for my recap from my first half marathon!

Anything amazing to report that you want to brag about?
Did you race this weekend? How’d it go?

6 Replies to “All Good Things”

  1. Good for you for deciding to join the local club! I bet you’ll get a lot out of your membership with them. Not running related but I’m currently trying to decide whether to join an association of my chosen genealogy hobby. I’m kind of at a point where I need to decide how far I want to go with this and if I want to go farther start investing in myself. Maybe it’s time I make a Courtney-sized leap and go for it eh? 😉

    1. Leap I say! But I never do things half way, so I don’t always give the best advice, haha. But, your genealogy stuff is so cool. Rob’s mom is super into it too and I think it’s worth investing in to know your history not only for yourself but for your future family to eventually see and know.

  2. WOOHOO! I seriously have to get a real domain name, ha ha. Good for you for joining that tri club. It will definitely help you with your training. I did the Scotiabank Half Marathon this weekend – smashed my previous PB by almost 4 minutes. 😀

    1. Awesome job on the PB!!

      Depending on who you host your blog through currently you may be able to go a similar route that I did as far as getting a personalized domain name. I paid $13 to buy my domain through godaddy, then used bloggers custom domain option, which is free and doesn’t require me to switch hosting services. It’s probably the least expensive, easiest, and most convenient way for readers to make the switch.

  3. The local club sounds so exciting! I’m sure it will definitely make you better at swimming! I’m too nervous to join any local running clubs because I’m still so slow, but after breaking 30 minutes in my last 5k I’ve been considering it a bit more. Their idea of a short run is only 4 miles though so I may just need to work a bit more on distance running before applying! I hope you hear back soon!

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