All That Glitters is Gold

Oh man, I am tired.

It’s getting difficult for me to maintain normal at this point. I’m trying but my body is just not having it anymore.

Monday I hit the gym and did a mile and a half on the elliptical. Nothing too fancy or exciting. I was on a machine next to a girl in gold glitter Ugg boots. The joys of working out at a college gym I guess.

New Zoots. Not gold glitter Ugg boots.

Tuesday I went to spinning. My belly is really starting to get in my way. No matter how I adjust the bike, reaching the handlebars without kneeing myself in the bump is getting to be quite difficult. I’m hoping I can squeeze a few more weeks in before I give in to my bump being in the way.

Wednesday I had a dance after school. I took on being an adviser for student council this year to make up for the fact that I won’t be able to coach and wanted to be involved with something with the kids still. It only comes with an after school commitment once a month, so that we’ll be able to manage with a baby. I ended up staying through the end of the day at school until dance setup at 6 and the start of the dance at 6:30. We were super slammed, since it was the first one of the year and I ended up overseeing the kids running the concessions most of the night. I tried to get into the gym and dance with the kids like I normally do, but there was just too much going on. I didn’t end up getting home until around 9:30pm and didn’t get to bed until about 10:30, much later than I normally go to bed on a school night.

Thursday I felt like the walking dead all day, came home from work and crashed. And Friday Hubby and I had a quiet night at home together, since all our weekends between this one and Halloween are busy.

Saturday we headed to Syracuse since we had a wedding to attend. I got a pedicure with one of my besties then we headed off to Camp for wedding festivities.

Hubby and I after the ceremony that took place at the summer camp we met at many, many years ago.

The wedding ended up being a lot of fun. I danced a ton, as much as I could despite having some serious knee pain and being too pregnant to do my normal amount of bouncing around. I dance like a total white girl and love it. I had to hold myself back some, but I still had a really great time dancing with with Rob and our friends.

Sunday I was exhausted. We got back super late Saturday night and I played designated driver since I can’t drink at the moment. I did, however, power walk a mile with Griswold to feel out my bum knee.

I’m apparently fighting what I’m pretty sure is tendinitis in my right knee. It’s been nagging and aching in the right spots that would be indicative of tendinitis, and after all the dancing Saturday night I was in a good amount of pain. It’s not terrible now, but bending my knee is definitely causing it to hurt, so I need to be cautious of it and take some time to nurse it. This is frustrating, but my body is just responding to the weight gain and shift in gait, posture, and stance in it’s own annoying way I guess.

I’m hoping to try out the elliptical on a low incline this week and will try to get myself back in the pool now too. This may be the push I need for that. Beyond that it seems my body is forcing me to back off down to walking. This is probably the end of running for me until I’m post partum. I thought of trying to start back up at this point, assuming I can get my knee to not hurt in a few days to try, just sounds so unfun being so big and uncomfortable. If I’m feeling better by the end of the week I might try a mile run outside. I’ll have better control over my stride and turn over outside than I will on the treadmill. Plus this week we finally will be getting honest to God real fall weather, which is my favorite for running. UGH. Body, why??? Worst comes to worst I can at least swim a couple of times a week and power walk 2-3 miles the rest of the days and take Griswold with me so he benefits too. I refuse to cave to sedentary.

Best and worst workout this week?

Do you enjoy dancing? If so, are you any good at it, or do you just like to boogie?



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    1. Yes, Elaine! We have the whole Seinfeld series on dvd. She has excellent dance moves!

  1. You are so cute pregnant! My best workout this week was definitely my swim Saturday morning. If I wouldn’t have had other commitments, I would have swam all day. It felt so good to get back in the pool! I am definitely NOT a dancer…no rhythm and coordination, but I still like to have fun 🙂
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