My brain has been completely consumed with dreams of Ironman. I can’t stop the swirling ideas and notions that it could be possible. 

I have decided that one hundred percent yes, I will be running the Ironman Syracuse in 2014. My decision on Ironman Chattanooga is still up for debate. Honestly, the registration fee alone is astonishing, not to mention the training, the need for a better bike and wetsuit, travel costs (which would be reduced since we’d have family to stay with). 

So I’ve got another idea that’s nagging away at my brain now. Sponsorship.

It’s not terribly common for amateur triathletes to have sponsors, but I’m in a really great spot to pick up the crème de la crème of Ironman Sponsors, Subaru. In case you’re unaware of just how much of a presence Subaru has in the Ironman world, they sponsor the entire country of Canada. It’s literally called Subaru Ironman Canada and they sponsor every single Ironman event in the country.  Hell, had I known so much about it I would have registered for a Canadian Ironman race and gotten the $750 rebate on my Crosstrek. Too late now, but that doesn’t stop me from attempting to obtain them my first sponsor. 

I spoke with my dad about it. He works for Subaru and can get me leads and find out more about it for me. I’m thinking his local dealership in Syracuse will at least sponsor me to run the Ironman Syracuse. Provide me with a Subaru kit to wear, I’ll get Scott to come take pictures for the Post Standard and he’ll make sure one of my photos makes it into the paper with their logo across my chest, and hopefully they’ll help me out with the registration fee. That’s all I want. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be a sponsored athlete..? And I’m in a prime opportunity to seize a huge sponsorship with them. I’ve gotten four of my friends to go buy cars from my dad’s dealership too, one who’s on her second from them even. I like to think I’m offering up a fair trade. And my dad is super excited to go to bat for me, feeling out his cooperate reps and the owners to get them on board with me. 

So fingers crossed for me. I’m pulling for my first sponsorship and I’m extremely hopeful. If I can secure them for Ironman Syracuse then I’ll possibly work with them to hopefully pick up Chattanooga too. But I need to not get too ahead of myself here. And, ya know, that whole running a full 140.6 thing is still terrifying to me and I need to very carefully make that decision. But I will also be watching the registration like a hawk. Hopefully I don’t make a rash decision if it starts to fill up quickly. 

We’ll see. And until then, yes to Ironman Syracuse and I need all the good vibes sent my way as I attempt to secure my first amateur athlete sponsor! 

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