An Unusual Week

This week was kind of weird. And it felt long. SO long.

Work felt like it took forever this week. I have no idea how or why but it was so slow. And I have one particularly difficult class of kids in the afternoon that are really starting to push my buttons. I got called fat by a student for the first time since I taught in the inner city five years ago. So ya know, I’ve got that going for me.

I kind of wish I could just snuggle my baby every day. I love my job, but I also love being home with my daughter. I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but man is Ellebutt a great baby. She’s so happy, so eats well, she sleeps great. I just adore her. Four weeks until spring break. So I’ll just have to keep counting down to my next week off with my babe.


Ok, Monday. I swapped my bike and run days this week so I spun on my trainer Monday. I was sooooo tired for whatever reason. First day back to work after a week off was probably the culprit. I really did not want to do anything, but I got on my bike anyways and did an easy 20 minute spin. Nothing exciting or fancy. I just spun my legs against some resistance, covered 6.2 miles, then went to bed.

Tuesday I planned to run, but it took me a little longer to get Eleanor down for bed and even after I did she was restless and I knew my workout would inevitably be interrupted, probably more than once given her fight for going to bed. So instead of running I did a deep clean to my bathroom so I was right down the hall and could keep going to check on her and take care of her. My bathroom really needed a hard scrub, so it was fine.

I feel like Wednesday I had a good win in terms of mentally shifting to night workouts. I didn’t hem and haw over the fact that I don’t like night workouts, I just knew I needed to spin again and I just did it without any mental resistance. It almost felt as natural to me as a workout first thing in the morning, my preference.

I did the same sprint workout I had done the week before. I did extend my cool down a couple of minutes to round my distance up to 15 miles. I had a good workout and was happy with my saddle time and effort.

Thursday. Oh my gosh, Thursday. I left for work around 6:30 in the morning, like always, and didn’t get home until 9:30 at night. I was at school from 7am to 9pm. It was just a looooong day. I taught all day, we had a last minute all distract faculty meeting right after school, then I pumped quickly and went to a union meeting that lasts over an hour, then I had to run to Wegmans and buy snacks for the dance student council was hosting, then I had to run and oversee the dance since I’m a student council advisor. I had brought running stuff with me and intended to get on a treadmill in the weight room at school, but I ended up having absolutely no time to run. It was frustrating to miss a second run this week, but I just never stopped doing things from the moment I walked in the building until the moment I left.

Friday I was exhausted. So exhausted. I’m honestly impressed I managed to not fall asleep at work. They swapped our first and third period classes to accommodate career day for the seventh graders, so I had all three of my planning periods right in a row. It was great. Initially I did consider napping at my desk, no lie. But Rob and Ellie came and picked me up at school and we went out for breakfast instead. That was better than napping on my desk. But I did crash when I got home. My ability to function just completely vanished.

Can you find the baby amongst all the patterns? Someday she'll catch those feet of hers.
Can you find the baby amongst all the patterns? Someday she’ll catch those feet of hers.

Saturday  we went to Syracuse for the day. We spent a bit of time with Rob’s parents then met up with a couple of friends at Dave and Busters to watch the SU basketball game. Ellie came with us and did great. She loves the mall, so much stimulation. I’ve taken her a few times. And she really liked Dave and Busters. She tried to stay awake the whole time but did eventually sleep on Rob for a bit. Then we did dessert with some friends before going to see my parents then headed home late.

I did finally workout again Sunday. It was a Tri Club swim day with our new coach, so I headed to the pool in the morning. I opted to just do the workout as opposed to getting a more hands on coaching session given Coach had commended my stroke at our last club swim.

This swim was so good for me. I have a lot of mental blocks around swimming and Sunday was no different. It’s been easy to use pregnancy and postpartum as an excuse, but the truth is I need to buckle down and work on my swimming. It took me until about a fourth of the way through, but I finally quit thinking negatively about my abilities in the water  and just swam. And it was a good swim. I did 2,100 yards and averaged 2:01/100, which was my only bugaboo about my swim. I honestly haven’t swam over 2:00/100 in forever. I have no idea why or how I was so slow, but I was. Before getting pregnant I was around 1:45/100 and during the end of my swimming days during my pregnancy I was in the high 1:50’s/100, so this was a little sting to my ego. But it really just means I need to spend more time in the water. Sunday’s workout was an endurance and kick workout, things I do really need to work on. Overall it was a good swim and I’m happy with it. I’m going to stick with the every other Sunday club swim until I start my full Ironman training in April, so it’ll continue to be a slow comeback for me in the water, but I’m not too concerned.


I’m hoping that this week I can get myself back to normal and really try to get in all my workouts. I want to run Monday and Wednesday, ride Tuesday and Thursday, then hopefully get an outside run in sometime over the weekend.

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    1. Thanks for the love! I think March should bring me some good workouts, happy baby snuggles, and warmer weather 🙂

  1. I’m impressed that you’re back to training with such a little wee one. I was still exhausted at that point. What Ironman are you training for?

    1. I’m training for Ironman Chattanooga in September. I am exhausted most days, but I love to workout, train, and race, so I make time and energy for it (most days, lol)

  2. It will get better…it’s the darn JOB that drains you…not the workouts! I did one IM when daughter was little, but hubby (EX btw) tried to sabotage my weekend workouts so I told myself no more really long stuff until she was older. Now I am saying “no more really long stuff until I retire”- one more year…one more year, then I can train like nobody’s business for my 3rd IM!
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    1. Good luck on your last year of teaching! I’ve still got another 20 some odd years staring me down.

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