An Update of Sorts

So I think my life is starting to calm down. The dust is settling, figuratively and literally.

We moved into our new house. We’ve been here since about mid November and are mostly settled at this point. The basement is still a mess and we need to finish decorating, but we’re unpacked and living, so it’s okay. This is our forever home. No rush.


Eleanor turned one.


She’s a walking, talking, happy, energetic kiddo. She’s always on the move, gets into everything, and is basically perfect. She’s dog crazy, eats like she’s got a hallow leg, and a mini ball of giggles and energy. Sleep is hit or miss, but I do enjoy the cuddles.

As for me, I’m okay.

My job is difficult and I’m not very thrilled with it, to put it lightly. I switch from the middle school to the high school at the end of January though, so maybe that’ll help. Maybe. I’d be lying if I said my eyes weren’t open for other options.

The job situation weighs heavily on me constantly, but it is what it is. All I can do is buckle down and muscle through at this point.

From an athletic standpoint, I’m currently 25 days into the Runner’s World Run Streak. I have yet to miss a day, so that’s cool. I tried it a few years back and failed quickly. I’m really motivated to get through all 39 consecutive days of running. And it’s weird, one thing I’m noticing is my speed is finally coming back. I’m focusing on short runs with an emphasis on pacing and speed work and it’s paying off. Even on days I’m exhausted or my legs feel fatigued or sore or tender, my average pace is ticking down, down, down.

I have a two mile loop through our new neighborhood that I use as a base run. Thanksgiving was the first day, so I did my base run to start off and averaged an overall pace of 10:19. My next base run a week later I saw 9:56 as an average pace. Then 9:47 on the next one. Depending on how I was feeling or how dicey the weather was they didn’t always consistently go down every time, but overall, it’s a constant trend.


So far my best base run pace has been 9:25 and I even clocked a sub-30 3 miler. And while none of this is super impressive, these are speeds I haven’t seen in a few years. I was running about a minute per miler faster than this back in August 2014. Then I tore my calf muscle, was benched during a winter that shattered recorders for temperatures and snowfalls, then got pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. So I’m coming from behind right now. Really, really behind.

And did I mention that my beloved treadmill is broken right now too? No? Because it is.

The plug that goes from the motor into the motherboard sheared off during the move and we’re scrambling to try and get it repaired. We sent it off to one company who is sending it back and said they couldn’t. My father in law is the next step since he solders at work and can possibly fix it. Hopefully. Or I will cry. A lot. Lots of ugly, ugly crying tears.

Ellie still loves running with me!

Ellie still loves running with me!

And this means that if I want to keep my streak alive I run in any weather, any temperature, every day. I’ve run in the sun, the dark, the freezing rain, the sleet, and snow. You name it, I’ve run through it in the last three plus weeks.

I just remember that being a resilient runner is a good thing and keep powering through. I’m determined to make the magically 39 days.

My next goal right now is, aside from my running streak, is the Syracuse Half Marathon at the end of March. Once the run streak is over I’ll take a week or two to recover then start training for that. But considering I recently ran a marathon and I will have 39 straight days of base building and speed training under my belt, I’m hoping training for that should be smooth sailing. Minus potentially having to train entirely outside all winter long. But it’s all good. Just gotta keep motivated and moving.

Anyone else doing the run streak? How’s it going?

Do you mind training in the weather? 

One Thought on “An Update of Sorts

  1. Congrats on getting out there on a daily basis and your ave. run splits I ran the fastest when I was out there before work and needs to bet back to my baby! (They help you run fast because they need you!) Sure helps to run either before or after work to get the kinks out doesn’t it? I currently caught whatever is going around at our germs little site (preschoolers) but I am determined to at least do yoga today. As of May I am retiring. Teaching isn’t fun anymore. I have had to write 45 progress reports this weekend and deal with state people breathing downy neck at my job. I’ve had enough of people monitoring my job that I have done for 41 years, with those critiquing me half my age-with me teaching longer than they are old. Hang in there…hopefully your job situation will get better!

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