And The Parade Marches On

I’m just going to lay my head down on my desk and close my eyes for a brief moment. 

I had my MRI follow up with Fast Talking Asian Doctor this morning. Apparently, my knee is the epitome of beauty and perfection. No tears, no swelling, no irritation, nothing appears to be wrong. She can no longer give me an explanation as to why I have pain in my knee when I run. And with the swelling in my hip not subsiding in the least, I am being referred for a second opinion at Strong in Rochester. 

I really want to just say no thank you since the pain is getting better. But I’m also barely running which is frustrating. I feel like I can say no thanks and just start training like I want to be training, but if it doesn’t get better then I put myself in a worse off position closer to race season. So I know I ought to just suck it up and go. 

And the never ending parade of doctors appointments continues. They’ll call me back sometime this afternoon with when I’m scheduled to be out there and I’ll see a sub-specialist who works solely with endurance athletes with knee and hip issues. 

My training recap for the week:
Monday- Spin in the evening
Tuesday- 3 mile HIIT run in the morning, Spin in the evening
Wednesday- an apathetic 2 miles on the elliptical and leg strength in the morning
Thursday- upper body strength in the morning

And still to come:
Saturday- It’s a Wonderful Run 5K race

I’ll be curious to see how my knee feels post race tomorrow. I’m almost feeling inclined to go for a short 2-ish mile run outside in the blistering cold and snow after work today just because. I feel like I need to justify seeing a sub-specialist an hour away. Ugh, frustrating. 

In happier news, calling Bike Zone is on my to-do list for this afternoon to schedule my final fitting so I can pick up my shiny new bike next week. So that’s at least exciting. Not that I can even ride it right now with the horrid cold and snow we’re getting, but I’m still excited. 

Anyone else have a holiday themed race coming up?
What’s your favorite holiday treat? (I baked cookies last night!)

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7 Replies to “And The Parade Marches On”

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope your knee feels good and that you get some answers about all of it soon.

    No more races this year for me. My last one was last Sunday! And I am also a huge cookie fan and have a lot of baking to do for my office this weekend! Chocolate mint meringues are my specialty!

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