An Anniversary of Happiness

Hello Monday.

Do you know what today is? It’s June 1st. And that means one thing.

It’s my wedding anniversary!

Yes, Rob and I have officially been married for two years now. And while two years doesn’t seem long, it’s still so nice to tick off the years with him. We’ve had pretty smooth sailing and we’re generally always on the same page with things. It’s been really, really great to be married to such a wonderful, patient, loving man. I count my blessing often.


As for my workouts this week, I’m doing just as much as ever. I’m hoping to continue to grow my number of workouts per week at some point.I just can’t seem to get over the hump.

On Wednesday I got in my first, which included 20 minutes on the spin bike followed by a short arm workout. I planned to lift longer, but Rob isn’t into workouts as long as mine typically are, so when he was ready to leave the gym I followed.

On Thursday to make sure I’d get in everything I wanted, I headed out for a run before going to the gym to meet Husbandface. It was my first run in almost three weeks. I only did 1.5 miles and I walked a few times which put me over the 12 minute per mile mark. But I don’t care. I was just super thrilled to be outside running again, finally.


After my run I headed right for the gym and met Hubs there. I lifted the whole time and it was nice. My arms have gotten kind of thick and flubby looking, which is really disappointing. So I’m trying to make a point to lift and get in some strength at least twice a week.


Sunday I intended to run, but it was a cold and rainy. My gym is at the college Hubby works for and they’re closed on the weekend since the students are gone. We still go sometimes, the perks of being married to the building assistant director, but Sunday the football was hoarding it. Then I slept like half the day because growing a human is exhausting. I’m in my second trimester now, so hopefully I start feeling normal soon. I’m so sick of being exhausted every day.

This week I don’t suspect I’ll get much done. Today I plan to run no matter what. Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be working 7-7 since I have CPR/First aid recertifications after school those days. And Wednesday we have a doctor’s appointment at 4pm, so I have to ditch out of school by 230 for us to get there on time. Beyond that, I have no idea. I suspect once I get home from school Friday, after three 12+ hour days in a row, I’ll probably just crash.

Someone tell me to go run. Please and thank you.ย 

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    1. Well this gave me a good little chuckle for my early morning!

    1. Not until June 24th for the kids, the 25th for us teachers. It seems soooo far away still.

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