Another Week Down

Another day back to the grind. Another Monday.

Considering I only worked three days last week it felt like an eternity.

Monday I was off for Columbus Day. I managed to get to the gym in the morning and do two miles on the elliptical.  I used to be very anti elliptical, but now that it’s really the only way for me to break a sweat I’m learning to appreciate it. I’m really hoping I can make it to the gym a couple of times every week and get in a few miles at a time.

Elliptical pedal power! Just trying to keep this big ol’ body moving.

Tuesday felt brutal to me. I was in a lot of pain, having contractions and my tailbone, my poor tailbone. It was on fire. I felt like it was broken in hurt so bad. At one point I dragged myself to the main office at school telling the secretary I might go home because I was hurting so badly. I did end up toughing out the rest of the day, but when I got home I just collapsed. I was in bed before 8 pm with my heating pad and extra strength Tylenol.

Wednesday and Thursday I was still having pain, but it did start lessen. I was absorbed at work with observation related stuff that kept me occupied, but left me feeling drained by the time I left work Thursday evening.

I did make it to the gym after school Thursday. It took a lot of willpower the drag myself there, especially when just wrangling my giant, inflexible body into tight workout clothes is a workout in and of itself. My goal was to just get on the elliptical and hope I could talk myself into a workout. I did one slow mile then managed to keep going to two, getting more comfortable as I went along.

Friday we had a doctors appointment. It included an ultrasound, a nonstress test, and meeting with one of our doctors. It ended up being faster than anticipated, but still long. And we ended up hanging around Syracuse all day

Fun fact, immediately following taking this, I opened my sparkling water and it exploded EVERYWHERE. So I got to sit in wetness for 30 more minutes. Good times. And I get these weekly now until baby shows up.

I also got out for a walk with Griswold on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Saturday I had my maternity photos done and we walked a ton to a few different locations, so that was good too.

Obviously I did not make it to spinning. I had set, in my mind arbitrarily, that I really wanted to make it to 32 weeks running and spinning, but I missed both goals. My last spin class was during week 30 and I was pretty uncomfortable. There is no longer any way for my tweak my bike setup that allows my o reach the handlebar, not knee myself in the belly, and no compromise my form. One of those things has to give, so I’m done. I’m pretty sad about it, but it is what it is.

As for running, I made it through week 31, but my shins have spoken. The added weight I’m carrying has greatly affected my form and gait and my legs aren’t having it anymore, and I need to listen to my body.

So that’s it. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I’m down to the elliptical and walking. I’m hopeful to swim a few times between now and baby showing up too, but the only day that lap swim works for me is Thursdays, until I go out medical leave and can swim during the day. So we’ll see. But for now, I’m grateful to just still be active to some degree.

Best and worst workout this week? 

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  1. It’s great you’re continuing to exercise but listening to your body. Keep it up and it will make LD and recovery much easier. At least it did for me.

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