Another Year Down

Happy New Year, blogosphere! I’m a few days late, yes. My life is kind of hectic.

Holy cats, what a year. Life was hard this year. I had to bounce back from having a baby and learn to handle postpartum depression. Both Rob and I started new jobs, we sold our sweet little house in Geneva, moved back to Syracuse and spent five months living with my folks, built a new house and moved again. Our world just never stopped spinning this year.

I had a few goals for myself and the trials of life this year caused me to struggle to keep up. My goals included-

1. Rebuild my swim bike run base
2. Run at least 500 miles
3. Cycle at least 1000 miles
4. Lose weight… again.
5. Finish Ironman Chattanooga
6. Nail this parenting thing
7. Figure out how to balance full time work, Ironman training, and parenting without self destructing
1. I do feel like I did well with this one. I PR’ed my sprint swim split this year, saw speed gains on my bike in every race, dropped my base running pace to sub-10 minute miles, and completed my first full marathon.
2 and 3. I’ll be under on both of these. Selling our house and moving really crushed my training for a couple of months and I went those few months doing very little and lost some key miles for both. Then once I made the tearful decision to withdraw from IMChoo I basically stopped cycling.
4. I’ve lost some. I’m hoovering around my prepregnancy weight. Hopefully now that we’re finally settling into our house and the holidays are all but over I can drop a few more pounds. I still have some prepregnancy chub that I need to lose.
5. Nope. Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about withdrawing from my dream race. Sigh.
6. There’s no such as being a perfect parent and there’s no such thing as nailing it per say, but I feel like Rob and I have done a good job so far. Our daughter is happy, healthy, and full of spunk and life. And our marriage is still as strong as ever, so I’m giving myself a thumbs up on this one.
7. I really think I could have made these three things work had our world not been rocked by selling our house, moving twice in five months, starting new jobs, etc.
So now I’m looking ahead to 2017. I really haven’t put too much thought into goals for 2017 because life left me very little room to think about anything other than the present. My only real fitness related goal is to run 500 miles. I’d like to PR my half marathon too. Right now I’m only registered for the Syracuse Half on March 26th and if I can comfortably get my LSD pace down to sub-10 that shouldn’t be too difficult.
My only goal is to try and get a post up every week. Hopefully I can manage that. I miss blogging, it’s such a good outlet.
Anyways, happy new year, friends! I promise to be back with a real update [hopefully] next week!

2 Thoughts on “Another Year Down

  1. Happy new year old friend! I sort of disappeared from the blog world in November/December so I completely missed your marathon race report. Can’t wait to go read it!

    Moving just once would be enough to completely disrupt training…twice in one year?! I can’t imagine. What a crazy eventful year for your family! Good luck in 2017!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…Hello 2017My Profile

  2. Nice. Those are more or less my goals this year too.
    Lewis Perry recently posted…I Can Therefore I WillMy Profile

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