The Attempt to Reclaim Motivation

I am so excited this week is drawing to a close. Just have to get through today at school, then I’m throwing Halloween parties for every period on Friday. Because sometimes teachers would rather watch Hocus Pocus and eat candy all day than do work too. Truth.

I’m working hard to get my groove back. Coming off an injury is hard enough, but take me, an avid morning workout person, and force me to workout in the evening instead and I’m cranky and resistant. I’m trying really, really hard and I think if I had any downtime at work I’d feel differently. But when I work straight through 7am to 4pm or later with a barely 30 minute lunch break as my only time to decompress all day, I’m pretty wiped by the time I leave school. Factor in my 9pm bedtime to be able to get up in time for work that early, and I really don’t like working out after work. I just want to go home, shovel pizza into my mouth hole, catch up on my recorded shows, and zone out on facebook. But alas, I have been working out, mostly.

Come back to me motivation! I’m working on it, slowly but surely, I’m getting back into my groove.

Monday I didn’t workout. I had gotten a charlie horse in my injured calf in the middle of Sunday night and woke up limping. I didn’t want to push my luck since I was still in a bit of pain when I left school, so I opted not to run.

Tuesday was spinning for me. My lack of sleep from the weekend that carried into the week finally caught up to me and struggled in class. But I still muscled through and got it all in.

Wednesday I bucked up and ran. I needed to run. I have another half marathon in a little over two weeks so I need to run. I didn’t really feel like running outside in the cold gray weather, so I headed off to the gym. I haven’t been allowed to run on the treadmill the last couple of months as per my PT’s orders, but since I’m not really going right now, I feel like I can break the rules. I did a mile warm up, 4×400 meter sprints with a .1 mile recovery in between each one, then just over a half mile cool down to get me to 3 miles.

I have no idea what that crazy spike in the middle of my last interval is. I must have taken a wild flying leap. Or my footpod glitched. Probably the latter.

It felt really good to get a solid run workout in. It was definitely a lot harder of a workout than I would have gotten had I begrudgingly gone out a muddled through a sloggish 2-3 miles around my neighborhood. I felt good afterwards and didn’t have any leg pain during or after really, so I’m going to count it as a win and start getting back into the gym.

I plan to run outside still, through the winter even if I can. I ran a bunch last year in the snow. But I do enjoy zoning out in the lovely climate control of the gym from time to time. Ask me again in February though, I’m sure  my feelings on that will change.

Today will be more spinning. Fridays are my rest days, and with it being Halloween I’m sure I’ll be busy handing candy since our house always gets slammed.

Also, in a stroke of good news, that bill that the Bone and Center sent me after swearing themselves blue in the face that my insurance would cover that horrid MRI in full? It’s going away. I finally got out of school early enough to call over there. I told the girl I had refused to sign anything until I was promised the procedure was covered in full, which I was, and how I’m not quite sure why they sent me a bill considering what I was told. If the girl pushed it I had a tangent about the awful, crappy, and boarding malpractice worthy service I was given locked and loaded. But the girl got all huffy, said they’d take care of it on their end and to disregard the bill, than practically hung up on me. Another shitty experience with their service, but at least I don’t have to pay the bill, supposedly

In not training news, for anyone who is curious, Tri Talk Tuesday is starting back up with the first link up scheduled for Tuesday, November 4th. Cynthia and I are super, duper beyond excited to announce our new co-host, Phaedra, the speed demon author over at Blisters and Black Toenails! So make sure you hit her up on twitter or facebook and send her some love. Then plan a post all about off season training plans so you can link up with us on November 4th!

Favorite treadmill workout – Share!

What are your Halloween plans?

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  1. I definitely know what it is like to not feel motivated to workout after a long day of work! If I plan on going to the gym in the evening but go home in between work and the gym, all bets are off and I’m in my PJs by 7pm. I prefer working out in the mornings too because I feel like I have so much more energy throughout the day but with the cold winter months coming that is hard to do. Keep up the good work!

    I’m excited for the return Tri Talk Tuesday too!
    Beth D recently posted…Pittsburgh Marathon Relay Race RecapMy Profile

    1. Yes! After work it’s hard to dredge up any motivation. And because I’m tired I usually don’t work as hard when I do find some motivation to get moving.

      Hope to see you join us for Tri Talk Tuesday!

  2. I don’t really enjoy treadmill workouts, but I do them anyways. I’d say my favorite is running intervals. I can do those for a short time, but I start sweating pretty fast and feel accomplished afterwards.

    Halloween plans: driving up to one of my final races of the seaon, about 4 hours away. Other than that, dinner and heading to bed somewhat “early” to get enough sleep before my race in the morning.
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…Weekly RecapMy Profile

  3. I hate the treadmill and will no longer run on it. The last time I tried to use the treadmill was in February when we were in the middle of the polar vortex. After just a few runs I could feel the start of shin splints which I NEVER get running outside. After that I just focused on layering and toughing out the cold.
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…OfficialMy Profile

    1. I wish I had the drive to run outside no matter what the winter brings. I don’t mind the cold or the snow, but definitely not everyday for every run. Way to show winter who’s boss!

  4. Speed intervals and tempo runs tend to be my favorite to run on the treadmill. It forces me to hold the desired pace and so I can just focus on maintaining good form and listening to my tunes!

    I understand your troubles with shifting your training time. I tend to always work out in the evenings after work (I am not an early morning person), but when I was IM training this year, I had to do several early mornings during the work week (obviously not counting weekends) in order to get in my two-a-days multiple times a week. It was tough, but I took one morning at time, and got through it. Focus on your goal and knowing that you will feel better after your workout to push you through!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Lately…Celebrating Milestones and Running in a New CityMy Profile

    1. Yeah, shifting training time is tough. Way to muscle through the early mornings! When I’m in the middle of a training plan with a big race in my sights it feels less terrible because it’s just what I have to do to reach the goal. But right now my season is over, so it’s tough to convince myself it’s worth going because I’m lacking a goal. Guess I just figured out my problem.

  5. Glad you are getting your motivation back. I can completely understand with a schedule and workload like yours, how difficult it would be to come home after a long day and get in a workout. I am pretty much worthless after 5/6pm and just want to lounge. No plans for Halloween this year. Boo. Doing anything is difficult these days with my husband not being able to walk (and I don’t want to party without him). We will pass out candy to the bazillion trick-or-treaters we get and watch a movie.

    Favorite treadmill workout is a progressive run where I start off slow and then increase my speed every two minutes until I am at max. It makes the workout fly by!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…CIM Training And Learning To Take A Chill PillMy Profile

    1. Sounds like we had the same Halloween!

      That treadmill workout sounds like a good one. I like working on negative splits on the treadmill, but usually at mile intervals. Short timed intervals sounds like a great idea.

  6. Yay for getting the motivation back, I think it ebbs and flows for a lot of people! I am also glad you got the MRI issue sqaured away, that was so ridiculous!

    I run a lot on the treadmill, I LOVE it, yes, I know I am weird! I like to do a lot of hills, progression runs, and speed intervals (400 meter repeats), it always go by quickly, especially when I put on Netflix or a tv show while I am running!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…The Great Pumpkin FestMy Profile

    1. That MRI crap was super ridiculous!

      Hills, yes! I do hills one the treadmill too. It’s nice to just set a custom hills workout and just go.

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