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It’s Swimming, Not Drowning

My final triathlon for the season is coming up this Sunday, as in in five days. I’m not terribly nervous for it, I feel pretty good going into this being it’s my first Olympic.  Here’s a quick breakdown of my training over the last few days and leading up to Read more →

Is Triathlon Contagious?

Triathlon, like I mentioned before, is a sport that not a lot of people understand. People watch the Boston Marathon because they grasp the concept of running, even for 26.2 miles, and they cheer on Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in the Olympics because they understand swimming. They get the Tour Read more →

Just Keep Runnin’ and Runnin’

As much as I should be focused on triathlon training right now, I’ve been mostly running. But with my Oly in less than two weeks I need to shift that focus. Sunday Rob and I ran 10.3 miles of the half course. We averaged 9:30/mile pace, which is good, but not Read more →

Why I Tri

Triathlon is a sport unlike any other. When I tell people I run triathlons, they typically look at me like I have three heads. It’s a strange and mythical beast of a sport that people don’t know much about. I can’t knock any of the individual sports that all come together Read more →


My brain has been completely consumed with dreams of Ironman. I can’t stop the swirling ideas and notions that it could be possible. I have decided that one hundred percent yes, I will be running the Ironman Syracuse in 2014. My decision on Ironman Chattanooga is still up for debate. Honestly, Read more →

IRONMAN, The Universe Has Spoken

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Okay.Can I just start by saying I planned to tackle a 70.3 next season. That was The Goal (for now, a full was settled into my back brain until I get that half out of the way). But, as life has it, something else may have just popped onto the Read more →

Lackadaisical Training

Training, ugh. With four of my seven planned races for the season done, I need to remind myself I still have three left, two of which are biggies. I’m trying to mostly focus on my triathlon training right now as my next race is my Oly in about 3-ish weeks. I Read more →

Race Recap – Cooperstown BASE Race 10k

So Rob and I took off for a nice little weekend get away. It was so nice to go somewhere just us and have some quality time spent together. We went to the Herkimer Diamond Mines, The Baseball Hall of Fame, had a dinner date on the water, went to Read more →

Becoming of a Triathlete

Perhaps a bit of background about myself would be nice. I’m Courtney, twenty-something, recently married, own a house and a crazy chocolate lab named Griswold with my husband Rob, and we live in the thriving heart of New York wine country. I’ve been athletic my whole life just about. My Read more →

Race Recap – Iron Girl Syracuse

So my tri Sunday went really, really well. The weather held out as it was supposed to be only like 58* and rainy but it was perfect and never rained. My swim was not so good. I got caught in the middle of the pack and got stuck in the “washing Read more →