Back on the Wagon

Ahhhhh, happy Friday!!!

My training recap:

Monday- First attempts at a run LT time trial that I need to redo, rowed 1300 meters, squats
Tuesday- One hour spin, squats
Wednesday- Cycling LT time trial, squats and planks
Thursday- One hour spin

First week back on the wagon and it was slow and mediocre, but getting back at it is what’s important. 

I’m going to start doing my weekly recaps including the previous weekend, instead of the upcoming one. I’m more likely to be honest with myself that way.

Today I’m hoping to head over to the gym in the evening. Hubby has been playing squash with a buddy lately and while they play I’d like to hoard the gym all to myself. Get a good run and lift session in. I won’t be able to workout Monday, so I’ll give up my Friday rest day to compensate. It’s either that or run outside this weekend. It’ll be warm enough, but it’ll be raining and running in the rain and 45 degree weather sounds awful. 

Speaking of back on the wagon, it’s not just training I’m getting back on track with but my eating too. Time to clean up the mess I did over the holidays. A few yums I’ve been chowing down-

Shredded seasoned chicken, half an avocado, sautéed red pepper, and half a lime squeezed over it all. Yum!

Salmon marinated in sesame teriyaki and baked with asparagus. Kind of my favorite

I’m open to suggestions. I’m pretty uncreative when it comes to food and I tend to eat the same few things on rotation. 

That’s about it. Work is a complete toss up right now as I attempt to finish the hiring process for eight schools by the end of today. It’s kind of a cluster—. Yeah. Okay. That’s it. 

What do you have going on this weekend?
What’s your favorite super easy yet healthy and well balanced meal?

4 Replies to “Back on the Wagon”

  1. It may be boring but I’m a sucker for some nicely grilled chicken over a bed of mixed greens with some avocado, walnuts, dried cherries, hemp seeds + a nice light vinaigrette. Toss a baked sweet potato on the side for some carbs and BOOM, the perfect post workout meal. 😀

  2. Good for you for getting back at it. The first week is sometimes the hardest because it is a transition time. It only gets easier, right? Because of the cold temperatures, my food as of late has been in soup or chili format. My husband makes an awesome turkey/chicken chili that is super healthy and filling. We can snack on it for days. ☺ I’ll be watching a lot of football this weekend and avoiding the crazy weather. Good luck on week two!

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