Back To Reality

Happy Labor Day!

And sad official last day of summer. Back to school and real life tomorrow.

I spent a good amount of time working in my classroom, and I’m ready enough for tomorrow, but that’s about it. It’ll definitely take me a week or so to get back into the swing of teaching. It’ll also be really interesting to see how my body holds up. I’m finally in my third trimester of my pregnancy, I spent my whole second tri on summer break. I’m going back to school now that I’m the size of  small blimp and having a hard time moving around and issues with my feet swelling in the heat. So yeah, it’ll be an interesting test for sure this first week.

Working out and eating healthy has become a struggle. This construction on our house is leaving me frazzled and stressed. We’ve eaten out for basically every meal since they started. It’s hard to get a workout in not knowing if they’re going to be working on the kitchen, the bathroom, or both, but either way I’m not one to shower with the reno guys clomping around my house. And since they’ve spent more days than they planned fighting our 84 year old electric, they’ve gotten  bit behind and destroyed our basement in the process. Now all three stories of my house are in shambles and dirty disarray and it’s giving me a damn twitch. I am dreading the amount of cleaning it’s going to take to get my house back to normal once they leave, hopefully by the end of this week. Just, ugh.

They have since put up new drywall on the ceiling and started to smooth out the existing walls. But otherwise it's nothing but behind the walls work that has slowed them down and halted visible progress. Ahhhh, finish my kitchen please!

They have since put up new drywall on the ceiling and started to smooth out the existing walls. But otherwise it’s nothing but behind the walls work that has slowed them down and halted visible progress. Ahhhh, finish my kitchen please!

And even once they’re done, Rob and I will be putting up our own backsplash in the kitchen, so we’ll probably have a good week’s worth of work staring us in the face still in order to finish up. Not pregnant me would muscle through. Pregnant me is cranky and stressed out and over this.

I got in two workouts this week, which is disappointing. I went to spinning both Tuesday and Thursday night. It’s been pretty hot here lately and the spin bikes have been moved back up to the non-air conditioned spinning room. Tuesday night was a bit rough for me. The heat really got to me and I had a hard time keeping my heart rate down where I need it to be. As soon as the workout ended I hopped off and bolted out.

Thursday night was better. Even though I dislike the heat immensely, my body was more receptive to it and I had a much better class and workout. I work out at a college gym and the students are all back. The 90lbs toned and tanned twig girl on the bike next to me even went as far as to strip down to her sports bra about 20 minutes into class. I must be a curmudgeonly old lady, because I was totally annoyed by this.  But just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean your fit. By the 45 minute mark this girl was suffering, hard. She was barely doing the workout and finally called out asking how much longer. Then she clearly conceding to knowing that I, the whale of a pregnant woman next to her, was out spinning her scrawny booty. She asked how far along I was and told me how impressed she was that I was not only there at all, but chugging along like it was no big thang. I’ve been having a hard time with being pregnant and the limitations and physical discomfort it brings, so being able to crush some 18 year old skinny minnie at 27 weeks pregnant made my feel pretty damn good.


After Thursday night’s spin class and feeling good!

This week is going to be a big toss up for me. I know I plan to hit spin class on Tuesday and Thursday again. And I’m hoping to run outside tomorrow. I haven’t run in over a week though, so it very well may be an ugly endeavor, but I’m going to give it a go anyways. I’m leaning towards getting up before school Wednesday to run on the treadmill too, but who knows if I’ll be able to pry myself out of bed before 5am for that. I may need to give myself this first week of school to get my feet under me first before I start trying to adjust my sleep schedule to be even earlier than it already is. But no matter what, I want to get in more than two workouts this week, so I will bare down and get them in!

What was your best and worst workout this week?

Who’s lived through a renovation before? Tips for keeping it healthy while sans kitchen?

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  1. I can’t wait to see your new kitchen soon! And good luck this week as you get back to school!
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