Back At It Again

Hello Monday. I’m not sure when you showed up. I’m pretty sure my weekend wasn’t supposed to end. It was too nice for Monday to roll back around.

The good news is there are only seven and a half weeks of school left before summer break. The bad news is there are only seven and a half weeks of school left before summer break. Gawwwddddddd, why is it so far away. So close, yet so far. Stupid New York letting out so stupidly late. Survival mode. That’s where I’m at until June 26. Please hurry, Summer.

This will be my every day this summer. Go for a run, nap in the hammock.

In other news, I actually did stuff exercise wise this week! Sort of. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here just yet.

My morning sickness seems to be letting up some and I’m slowly starting to feel more normal, albeit chunkier. The bit of weight I carry seems to be migrating up..? Damn uterus, shoving everything around. Cut that out. I’m having a terribly difficult time dressing myself for work lately.

But with my morning sickness slowing down, I was finally able to peel myself out from under my blanket pile and act like a human again. Time to try and work off two weeks of nothing but white, simple carbs I’ve been eating to soothe my tummy.

This week I actually ran twice. I went out for my first run since Seneca7 like three weeks ago. I was very tentative, unsure how it would go having not run in a few weeks and being pregnant. I did the mile loop around our block and was happy to feel fine and come in around the same pace I held for Seneca7. Not too shabby.

So on Saturday Hubby and I took off to run together. He promised to go my pace and distance and he did. I feel a bit bad because we ran reallllllllyyyyyyy slow. But he was just happy to plod along next to me. We did the loop around our neighbor and my Garmin clocked it at 1.84 miles. Normally that would drive me crazy and I’d have to round up to the next quarter mile, but I let it go this time.


On days I didn’t run I did take Griswold out for a walk. There was only one day this week I didn’t do either, which was Thursday. My OB had prescribed me Promethazine for my morning sickness and I wasn’t feeling good Thursday morning. I popped one at school not knowing it’s also a commonly prescribed sedative. I actually fell asleep on my desk during my fifth period planning period. Oops. Not making that mistake again. I was a freaking zombie the rest of the day and in bed around 8pm even though it was still light outside. True story.

So yeah, like four walks with Griswold and two short and slow-ish runs. A major improvement over the nothing I had been doing the previous weeks. It’s amazing what feeling a bit better can do. My goal is to run three or four times this week. Maybe hit the pool once too at some point.

Happy Monday my friends =)

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    1. I’m so happy to be running again. I’m hoping to get out tonight, although it’s going to be super hot this week, so we’ll see how I manage.

  1. I’m so jealous of the hammock!! I want one SOOO badly, but we don’t really have a shady spot to put it in, nor do we have trees old enough to attach one to. 🙁

    Think about where you’ve gone this year…7.5 weeks is totally doable. At least we aren’t facing 36 weeks 😉
    Kecia recently posted…13 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Buy one with a stand! That’s what we have. No trees required. Yes, 7.5 more weeks, I can do this.

  2. Love the hammock! Glad you are feeling well enough to start activity again. I had both babies well before I get into running or triathlon so I don’t have much advice – I’ll just say listen to your body and don’t be too hard on yourself!
    Kelli recently posted…Triathlon Running is DifferentMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I’ve definitely been trying to listen to my body and not push anything before I feel ready. I’m hoping I can jump back in semi quickish after baby too. We’ll see.

    1. Definitely feels nice to be moving again, however minimally.

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