Badass-ery Ensues

So I’m a bit sore today.

Yesterday’s 1200 meter swim was followed by Spinning Death- i.e. 3 hour spin session. 

With it still being the coldest freaking winter ever and us having a foot of snow on the ground, I can’t get out on my bike to log saddle time, so taking two spin classes with the hour lag in between is filling the void.

This was my second go at a three hour spin-off. I take the first hour long class at 5:30 then stick around and spin solo for an hour in a lower heart rate zone until the second class starts at 7:30. 

Some thing I learned the first time:

  • I get very hungry and a single package of shotblocks is not enough
  • My thighs start burning around 1:45 mark
  • That second class is a killer

So going into this second time at this horrid task, I felt a bit better prepared. First off, I brought waffles.

They were the talk of the first class. Because I look like a fricken crazy person taping a baggie of waffles to my bike for an hour class, until people realize I’m staying after. Then it sort of makes sense. But not really. 

I came prepared for 8 mini eggos made into four mini peanut butter and waffle sandwiches. This seemed like a total normal idea to me. And I’m quite pleased with my decision; bite sized, delicious, kept me from getting stupid hungry. A+ waffles. I also had a pack of shotblocks too, because I love those things. They give me pep. 

I was pleasantly surprised that my thighs didn’t start to really burn until a bit into the second class this time. Good job legs! Also, I did a lot better in the second class than I expected. 

And the best part, I got to have an “I’m a badass moment” and it was all sorts of awesome. Another girl came into the room around 7 when I was spinning alone. She clearly came early to log some extra bike time and originally started setting up a bike on the opposite side of the room as me. Then she changed her mind and came and got on the bike right next to me instead. Not sure if she was trying to feed off my energy or mentally compete against me, but my type A personality kicked in and my innate need to destroy her activated. 

The instructor for the second class, Ellen, is like my favorite person ever. She’s super sweet and just the nicest thing you could ever meet. She noticed both of us logging extra miles, so right as class was starting she looked at Girl Next To Me and asked “how many miles have you gone so far?” 

Girl responds with “Six”.

Ellen looks at me and asks how many I’ve gone.

I respond with “Forty seven.” BOOM.

There’s a ripple around the room, Ellen asks if I’ve been there since 5:30 and I say yes. Some kid goes, “Holy shit, are you training for something?”

I responded with a single word- “Ironman!”

*badassery ensues* And it carried me through that last hour. It was pretty awesome. 

What motivates you through a long or difficult work?
When was the last time you felt like a badass?

11 Replies to “Badass-ery Ensues”

  1. Food usually motivates me through a long / difficult workout, ha ha. The last time I felt like a badass was last Thursday when I hammered out 5x1km repeats at 3:54/km pace. Oh and can I just say that those waffle concoctions are PURE FREAKING GENIUS. I now want waffles and peanut butter, ha ha.

    1. Seriously! I’m so excited about my waffle discovery. I know a lot of people suggest a peanut butter sandwich on the bike, but that seems like a hassle. And I had a weird waffle craving the other day, so this totally satisfied that with a purpose. I’m completely sold on having this on my bike during my half Ironman.

      Excellent run! I want to be as fast as you someday. Your speed leaves me totally stunned.

  2. I haven’t found a better motivator than self talk. Though it does get me through, I’m sure there is something more immediately rewarding – will have to experiment with more real food options vs. the gel packs I usually guzzle down. Those things ARE NOT rewarding….
    Last badass workout was in the pool last week – where I promptly received the worst calf cramp ever after my speed set. Guess that’s what I get for gloating. 😉

  3. The motivation for me is to finish! I trained a few years ago for a 700k bike ride and finishing each training session was the goal. It felt great and kept me going. All the best on your training and Ironman. #sitsgirls

  4. I’ve always wanted to take a spin class, I really need to give it a try! I haven’t felt like a badass in over a year, but it’s only because of a stupid injury, however I am hoping that will all change later this year and I can have lots of those moments:)

  5. Haha this is awesome!!! That girl probably learned not to sit next to you again 😛 No offense to that girl or anything, but you totally showed her up! Ps I may steal your waffle sandwich idea, that’s genius!

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