Base Building and Monster Baby

Back to the grind. Oof.

I do enjoy work and having some kind of human purpose, but I do love being home too. All though that can become very draining after a while as well. I guess right now everything boils down to life is hard and it’s all really a wash at the end of the day.


Even though I was off work this week I made a point to stick with my night time workout schedule so I can really hammer myself into the habit of working out after the baby goes to bed for the night. Did I mention I hate working out at night? Because I do. But I’ll figure it out and it’ll be okay.

Monday I hopped on the treadmill and did an endurance interval workout. I did a quick warm up then did 6×5 minute run intervals with a 2 minute recovery in between each followed by an easy cool down for a 45 minute workout where I covered 3.3 miles. I made sure that for each of my run intervals I was pushing my pace too and kept them all sub-11 minute miles. Not super impressive, but I’m still trying to get my speed back too, so that’s what I managed.

This was a good workout and I will definitely be doing it over again, many times. I need the longer intervals right now. I did get a later start on this one Monday night. I was just about to the end of my warm up when a big, weird, white spider came crawling out of the depths of my treadmill. I flipped out. I was not expecting that. I screamed, swore, mashed all the buttons on my watch screwing up all the intervals, and jumped off the treadmill. I found something to smash it with and managed to kill it, but it left me a little spooked. I restarted my workout from the beginning and after that I had a hard time mentally. But I did still get through the whole thing and had a good workout, so it was okay.

Tuesday I hopped on my bike and did another interval workout. Two interval days in a row, woof. I did sprints on my bike though. 10×1 minute hard then 5×30 seconds maxed out. Of course I had recoveries, warm up and a cool down too. This one had me huffing and puffing though. It was great and I got through 15 miles in the 45 minutes I was on my bike.


Then on Wednesday Ellie didn’t want to sleep and Monster Baby kept me from getting my workout in.  Life happens.

And I’ll be honest, Thursday I straight up skipped my workout. Ellie went to bed on time and just fine, but I’ve wanting to take a bubble bath with a glass of wine in my hand for a couple of weeks now and I finally caved. So I drank wine and laid in warm bubbles instead of working out and it was totally the right answer.

No workout Friday either because we spent the day in Syracuse.

I did run on Saturday. I’ve had a 4 mile run on my docket for a few weeks now and the weather was Ah-Mazing! So I decided to take advantage and run outside with 4 miles on my mind. But I made a stupid error. I know my temperature threshold, I typically wear short sleeves anything 40 and above. And it was over 40 when I went around 11am. But I threw on a thin, breathable long sleeved top instead of sleeveless. And I suffered. By only half a mile I was dying. I got up to the top of my neighborhood and through the Cornell experiment station and got to the part where I could turn left to do my 4 mile loop or right to head home.


Ultimately, I turned right and ran home. My total run ended at 2.5 miles, shorter than I had hoped, but there was no way I could do 4 miles in long sleeves. It was too warm and I was hurting I was feeling so overheated by the time I got home. I did manage negative splits and my first 1.7 miles were all uphill, so it was still a decent run even if I was overheated and didn’t get all my mileage in. I ran 11:52, 11:18, and 10:48 respectively.

No workout Sunday. I felt completely trashed and spent the day being grumpy and sleeping as much as I could. I have no idea what was wrong with me, but I was exhausted and hurting both physically and mentally. Ellie went into Monster Baby mode again all day too. She seems to have a string of good days followed by one day where she’s just a crabby little punk.


She’s lucky she’s so darn cute. Did I mention she turned 3 months old on the 16th? Because she did. My little girl is growing up, you guys.

It’s now the last week of February and the fact of the matter is I’m not where I hoped to be. I’m 14 weeks out from having spent nine months pregnant then had an emergency c-section. I had a really ambitious return to glory plan that just didn’t pan out entirely. All things considered I’m not doing badly, but this was supposed to be my last week of base building, but honestly, it won’t be. I’m not ready to start Ironman training yet. I’m just not fit enough yet, my base is still lacking. I need more time.

So my new goal is to continue base building work through March, use the final week of March when I’m off work for spring break as a recovery week, then hopefully dive into Ironman training in April. Even if I start a month later then I expected I know I can still get myself over the finish line. I know I can. But I also know I’m not ready for full on training yet. And being injury prone, I’m not going to jump in when I’m not ready just because that was my “plan”. Plans change and that’s okay.

And speaking of changing plans; this week I’ll be flip flopping my run and ride days. Normally I run M/W and ride T/TH, but I have to be at work until 9pm Thursday. I could bring my bike and trainer and ride in my room after school, it wouldn’t be the first time I did that. But I’m really hoping the weather might hold out so I can run a track workout on the track at school. If not I’ll just hop on a treadmill in weight room at school. That’ll just be much easier then lugging my bike back and forth.

So yeah, another week down and another week in my sights. Hopefully I can make this week really count. Here’s to another week, my friends.

What was your best workout this week?

Are you training for anything specific this year? What’s your A race?

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    1. It took a serious amount of self talk to get myself back on the treadmill. Then I spent my whole workout completely paranoid, lol.

  1. Hi Courtney! Just came across your blog. I am training for my first Ironman on May 14 in The Woodlands, TX. What A race are you training fpr?

    1. Hi! I’m training for Chattanooga on September 25th. IMTX is one I have on my radar too, so I’ll be curious to hear how you like it!

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