Bitter Sweet

So tomorrow’s my last day of work. At the Council that is. It’s bitter sweet to leave a job, especially one I’ve been at for over two and half years now. Plus I really like some of the people I work with here. I’ll have to make a point to drop in from time to time.

Then I have new teacher orientation Monday and Tuesday and I’m reminded about how excited I am to be back in the public school system and back in a classroom. I met up with Bing Tuesday night and we went through one of the three grade level curriculums. It made me feel a lot better. I looked through it and had some initial panic about some of the stuff on there, but apparently it’s very flexible, so I’m feeling much more at ease now. And I’ll feel a million times better next week when I can sit down and start cranking out some lesson plans.

Been going to physical therapy all week too. I’m happy to report I’m in significantly less pain. It’s more of like an off and on annoying nagging now. Although I’m quite tender post PT. Said physical therapist does some massaging on the tear spot and he definitely digs the spot pretty good. But it’s obviously working, so I’ll take it.

Also finally got a workout in. I was supposed to ride with a tri club buddy, but the heavy rains canceled those plans. I ended up in the gym and did 30 minutes on the spin bike then did some upper body weights. I need, need, need to be better and more diligent about strength training.

Gym selfie. No shame.

I won a prize from the raffle that Cynthia held to fundraise for the New York City Triathlon. I won a Sweat Pink Swag Bag which I was so excited about! I’ve been a Sweat Pink Ambassador for a while not and have been wanting one of the tank tops but just never got around to getting myself one.


In other news, I am officially pulled from Finger Lakes Tri. Very sad about that. My season started so great and my injury just ruined everything. I’m very frustrated. So I’ll be out volunteering on the bike course now instead. And on top of that we’re also pulling out of volunteering for Ironman Chattanooga. My new job is already a bit cranky I need five days off in November to go to Disney. I just can’t get the time off for a trip to Chattanooga too. I can’t use all my PTO in the first three months of school. Just not an option, so IMChoo is off the list. So between not racing FLT and not going to IMChoo I’ve been feeling a bit down.

In happier news, Hubby and I are going to a Yankees game this weekend. The tickets were my anniversary gift to Hubs, and I’m excited to go down to the City and catch a game. Should be a fun weekend.

Ways to motivate yourself through an injury?

Funniest thing you’ve ever seen in a race?

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  1. I”m glad you’re feeling better although the fact that you have to sit through someone digging around in your calf tear makes me want to cry. That sounds horrible!! I am the worst about strength training. I usually only get serious about it in the fall and winter and then come spring it’s all about tri training. Good luck at the new job.
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  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and yay for new job starting next week! At least they’re letting you go to Disney – you’re going to have a blast! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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