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Happy Friday! 

Lets talk about something I’m really bad about- stretching. 

Don’t worry, we’ll totally get to this!

I clearly workout quite a bit. I’m tight and stiff a lot. My muscles definitely get tired by the end of a long training week and I’ll be honest, I typically only stretch for a few minutes after a run or when I’m tight or sore. 

I’d also like to point out I work in the health prevention field for my real life job, and I do nothing in terms of preventing sore or tired muscles. 

The one thing I do the most is use my foam roller. My PT turned me onto them even though I had been debating getting one for months prior. They hurt so good. For real. 

Grumpy dog not included

This form of stretching utilizes the concept of “autogenic inhibition” to improve soft tissue extensibility, which means relaxing the muscle and allowing the activation of the antagonist muscle. It will help with muscle soreness and tightness by effectively increasing blood flow and overall flexibility while also releasing knots and tight spots in your muscles. 

The foam roller is used by rolling it underneath a specific muscle or muscle group until one finds a “tender spot”. Once you find that tender spot, continue to apply pressure to the that area and keep on rolling it out.

This will hurt a bit, but it’s basically self muscle massage, and when done correctly it will loosen up tight and sore muscles. And you will feel better afterwards, so don’t let that little bit of pressure pain from rolling deter you. 

Personally, I love my foam roller. I use it probably 3-4 times per week. Granted, I should be using it everyday. Rule of thumb is after every workout and preferably before bed every night.  Some people roll pre workout too, but that’s really up to you. I find about ten minutes a day on my legs does me wonder. On those days I roll of course. 

So in honor of the glorious, cheap man’s massage that is the foam roller, I will be giving one away to one lucky reader! Just enter the Rafflecopter below and come back everyday to up your chances!

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  1. I start with rubbing my own muscles, and then tell my boyfriend that I need a massage, and that I’ll cook the entire next week if he gives me one. Totally works, and it forces me to meal plan so we eat healthy. In my book it’s a big ol’ WIN! 😀

  2. I actually like a soak in the Jacuzzi tub filled with hot, almost scolding water. Another way I’ve found to sooth muscles is to go out for a short, easy run. It get the blood flowing back into the muscles, expediting the healing process.

  3. Besides a lovely massage from my husband, I like to do yoga so relieve sore muscles. 🙂 Thank you.

  4. I’ve seen people foam rolling and wondered about it. I have no real way I deal with sore muscles – most of the time I just hope my husband will get to bed early enough to give me a back rub!

  5. I love my foam roller although right after the WDW marathon in Jan, I noticed that it has an indention in the middle…I guess I’ve been using it too much! I need a new one!

    (Side note: I liked your facebook page from my running page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page which you have to use to log into rafflecopter)

  6. I know this is sooooo wrong but I just don’t use them. I literally lay around all day after my half marathons. The couch is my friend

  7. I know this is sooooo wrong but I just don’t use them. I literally lay around all day after my half marathons. The couch is my friend

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