Building To A New Year

Hello 2016, so good to see you.

The holidays are over and it’s time to buckle down to get myself back in action here. Time to start regaining my fitness and rebuilding my base. Time to start chipping away at my weight loss again. I’m still hoovering right around 26lbs lost, so I have another 14lbs of baby weight to shake. Then as much of my own as I can after that. I’m going to try and get myself back down to my race weight as best as I can. Not going to hold my breath on getting there completely, but I do think I can get close at most.

I got in two runs this week.

Both times I did the same workout. Walk a quarter mile, run a full mile, walk a quarter mile. That got me a 1.5 mile workout in and proved to me that I can still run a mile. Both in terms of my level of fitness and how my body is recovering post c-section. Monday I ran my mile around 12:15/mile. Wednesday I did it around 12:00/mile. Both times I felt pretty good and definitely could have kept running.


This week I’m planning to up my runs. I’m going to start slowing working on building back some more distance into my runs. I don’t need to start full training until March and my plan is to be back at my base by then, which for me is being able to comfortably run up to 5 miles at a time. Three months is plenty of time for that.

I also need to get my bike trainer set back up. It requires moving some stuff around in the basement though, which I just haven’t gotten to yet. Sometime this week for sure. I really want to start riding again. I miss Finley terribly.


As for the rest of the weekend, it was nice. Rob was off work for two weeks and we got a lot done. We had some lazy days, some errand running days, some travel days to see family and friends. We went to the camp staff party and showed off Ellie. A lot of good time well spent this holiday season.

What was the best thing you did over the holidays?

Did you kick off 2016 with a workout?

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  1. Cheers to 2016!! We traveled for Christmas a bit to see family, but were only gone for 4 days. It was fun to get to spend time with everyone!! We started the New Year with a snowshoeing adventure…so much fun and good variety!! I can’t wait for a cycling update from you 😉
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    1. Oh snowshoeing is super fun! We have like no snow this year though. So strange for us, we usually get well over 100″ over the season.Glad you had a great holiday season!

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