Bursitis Bites

Hip Bursitis. Yup, nailed it. 

Went to the sports medicine doctors this morning. I’m pretty sure was the only non-octogenarian there, which is probably why as an orthopaedic clinic, they only bring in their sports med people once a week. 

The first doctor was a tiny little Asian women who spoke insanely fast and I could barely understand her. She spent about .3 seconds yanking on my leg before telling me it was bursitis and shipping me off down the hall for x-rays to check for stress fractures. 

The x-ray tech was at least hilarious. He asked if I got my injury from one of my 40 mile runs (ha!) then followed up with “I think I ran a few 5k’s once”. Good times with my buddy Carl the x-ray tech I tell you. 

After that I sat for a long time hoping Fast Talking Asian Doctor would come back and finish up with me, but after about 20 minutes a different doctor poked his head in and asked if anyone had come to see me yet. I said no, and he grabbed my chart and wandered in. I liked him a million times more. He was super nice and personable. But he also yanked my leg a ton and shoved on my ouchy spots on my hip. He told me more about bursitis than Fast Talk Doc did and basically said it can only get so bad, then it can’t really get any worse since it’s just swelling, but the pain might increase. He also said I can keep working out and training, even if I’m in pain, but to be concious of my pain and body. So I walked out armed with some stretching I’m supposed to do three times a day and I have to go pick up some topical steroid cream that is apparently so expensive I might cry when I pay for it. And I go back in six weeks for a revaluation and should be pain free by then. And if I’m not they’ll give me the big boy shot. Fingers crossed. 

I guess that’s about it for now. I cranked out a 5k run this morning in just over the 27 minute mark, which is good. I’m getting consistently faster. And I’m very much looking forward to the Camp 5k on Saturday. 

Have you ever dealt with a sport or workout related injury? How did you deal with it?
Have a good fall infused run lately? 

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  1. Stress fractured metatarsal here. Mostly coping by throwing temper tantrums, hating my crutches, and chilling with my cat wishing I could be out running. It’s my first big injury….

  2. Ugh. Sorry you’re hurt, but glad it will/should heal pretty quickly.
    I’ve been battling a few nagging ouchies during this training cycle. I’m foam rolling like a mo-fo and very, very happy to taper. 😉

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