Catching Excellence

I’d like to apologize. My Monday post was kind of a hot mess of jumbled thoughts. I’m not sure why I couldn’t get a semi-coherent sentence pulled together. 

This morning I went swimming. See, I told you yesterday I would swim. I got in 1200 meters and it felt really good. 

And I think I’ve figure out a way to make my watch work for me as far as counting laps goes. The only downfall to the Garmin 310XT, it doesn’t count laps or swim data. I have to upload all my data afterwards. But I did manage to use the lap button and actually keep track of my laps this time. Small wins. 

I’m also signed up for 3 hours of spin tonight. In my head I’m debating it, but I know I really should go to all three hours. It’ll only do me good. And now I’ve plastered the fact that I said I was going here, on FB, and on a fitness group I’m in. Accountability much?

Granted, I do have a 4pm meeting in the next town over, so I’m going to be pushing it to get to spinning on time. Would I be completely out of my mind to put on my tri shorts under my work pants and my sports bra under my sweater before heading out to the meeting? Easy changing to save myself time, right? 

Also, the candy bowl at work is filled to the top with super delicious Reeses football shaped cups. I might need to burn off at least 100 of those. So yeah. 

What’s on your workout/training schedule for today?
Favorite shaped Reeses cup?

5 Replies to “Catching Excellence”

  1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting your workout stuff underneath your work clothes…whatever makes like easier!! I ran 6 miles this morning, I had to do some ab workouts this evening!! I like the standard Reeses cups, but honestly, I’ll eat it in any shape, i don’t discriminate when it comes to chocolate and pb together!

  2. I am obsessed with my Garmin 910, it’s pretty awesome. Funny thing about office candy, I hated it when I was there cause I always ate some…now working from home some days I think damn I wish I could just grab 1 piece and not buy some, ha!

    Great job on the swim! I will have to start doing more of that this summer!

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