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Step, Walk, Hop, and All The Baby Going Ons

Well, it’s Monday and I am officially staring down my first full week being out of work. Time is going to be coming to screeching halt for me at this point. I’m 36 weeks pregnant, anxious to meet baby, supposed to be keeping my activity levels to a minimum at Read more →

Blog Hop Giveaway!

Happy Friday!  Lets talk about something I’m really bad about- stretching.  Don’t worry, we’ll totally get to this! I clearly workout quite a bit. I’m tight and stiff a lot. My muscles definitely get tired by the end of a long training week and I’ll be honest, I typically only Read more →

Monday Check In and Giveaway Results

This will be short. I’ll get more chatty later in the week as work has me swamped up to the gills (I wish I had those. Sure would make swimming easier) for the next few days.The Blog Hop giveaway ended Saturday night and the winner of the Clif Race Day Read more →

Holiday Blog Hop Giveaway!

Happy Holidays!Let’s kick things off with a giveaway. And not just any giveaway, but a giant blog hop giveaway bonanza! Here’s the rundown- enter my giveaway for a chance to win free stuff (everyone loves free stuff). After you’ve entered my giveaway, make you way through the list of other participating Read more →