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IMCHOO Training Week Three

Another week down. Another week of training complete. Another week of school complete. Only 22 more weeks until Chattanooga and only nine weeks until summer break. Not that I’m counting or anything… This week, again, did not go perfectly. Parenting and life took precedent, which is fine. It was a Read more →

Limits, Grit, and Admitting Defeat

Oof, I need more weekends in my life. When is spring break? Three more weeks away? Not that I’m counting or anything. My week was not good on the training front. Monday I grabbed Husband’s 310XT and headed out for a run. With no capabilities to track my indoor running Read more →

Weekly Recap and Running Woes

Dead. Remember when I said if you didn’t see more than a Monday post last week I was probably dead? Yup, dead. What a week! Stupid common core, why must you exist? You cause me so much stress and extra work. If I had wanted my job security to be based Read more →

I Lived

Still working out my post race kinks from ESHM on Sunday. Still a bit fatigued, but getting along better. I spent all day Sunday post race in my compression tights, slept in them Sunday night, then again Monday night. By Tuesday I was finally mostly soreness free. My legs are Read more →

Pumpkin Cider Dreams

Holy hell, what a week! The spider incident really started my whole week off horribly. And now it’s nearing the end of the week and I cannot wait. I have a three day weekend and hubby has Monday and Tuesday on reduced hours, so we’ll actually see each other both Read more →

Weekend Warrior

Up down, up down, that is my life. We went away for the weekend and it was nice. We raced the inaugural Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k and I will have a full race report this week at some point. But the whirlwind trip to Bethlehem was so nice. We had Read more →

Zoot’ing My Own Horn

So who else despises the new Garmin Express other than me? Ugh, just ugh. I can’t figure it out and it’s driving me crazy. Just bring back Garmin Connect. The new update thanks to the announcement of the new Garmin 920 (anyone who wants to purchase this for me should just Read more →

If You Give A Triathlete A Mile

Hi friends. I only wrote twice last week, which is very unusual for me. I’m typically pretty good for four to five posts a week. And I missed you all because of my blogging negligence. It was a perfect storm of officially, really, truly starting my new job and leaving Read more →

What Blood Sounds Like

I’ll get to my Iron Girl recap, the race that ended my four week racing streak, I swear I will. But today I’d like to talk a bit about sports injuries. I’ve had my fair share over the years. From agonizing shin splints during my track days in high school, Read more →

Injury Report- I’m Basically Dying (not really)

My body. It hates me. I’ve been pain free in my knee. This is exciting. I still stand firm on my belief that I must have thrown my patella out when I sprinted the finish line at my half marathon and that I just needed some time, PT, and decreased mileage Read more →