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Will Run For Pumpkin Spice

My posting is still somewhat erratic right now. Hopefully I can start to settle down this week or next. I have so much school work to do and still have more PT in the evenings. Woosh, I’ll be happy when that’s over. PT has been helping though. I’d say my Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Lessons Learned

Holy heck, Batman. This weekend, it sucked out all my life force. This is my first time looking at a computer in four days. Blogging, what’s that? But it is Tuesday. I’m not sure where Monday went, my dog probably ate it up along with his birthday cake. But here Read more →

Mussel Up!

Have I mentioned lately that my wedding anniversary is this weekend??? Maybe? It seems crazy to me that we have hit the one year mark already. This time last year I was working my last half day of work before taking off for two and half weeks. Crazy, crazy, crazy how Read more →

You Know What?

You know what’s nice? Taking an “easy” week. My official training plan for IMCuse starts Monday. It’s a 12 week plan, so it’s pretty jam packed, but I’m ready for it. Honestly, I’d rather have a short but intense training then something long and drawn out, so this works for me. That Read more →

Finding Your Mojo

Who else is off work today? *raises hand* I really like how many holidays my work gives.  I’ve been saying I’m going to work on my weekend workout laziness work ethic. So yesterday I got myself to the tri club’s swim clinic. I was nervous and I’ve been avoiding their swim clinics Read more →

A Year In Review

I thought with the end of the year approaching it might be nice to give a little review of how my year went. On the non-athletic front-I got married! This was definitely the big highlight of 2013. We went to Las Vegas! While out there we also hit up the Grand Read more →

Holiday Happiness and New Year Goals

Hello! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had awesome holidays so far. I know I did. My husband and families totally outdid themselves this year! I got lots of triathlon and non-triathlon related things for Christmas that I am very excited about.  Tri related gifts from my amazing husband. I got lots Read more →

I Am Capable

Spinning last night was very much so needed in so many ways.Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I dealt with a Griswold fiasco at 3am and then couldn’t sleep some more. Around 4am I conceded and shut my alarm off. There was no way I could run on only four hours of sleep, Read more →