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Weekly Win

Oh my gosh. You guys. I worked out five times this week. FIVE TIMES. I mean,  I use the term “workout” loosely. It’s all relative. But five days this week I attempted something.  Monday I hopped on the treadmill with a two mile workout in mind. Walk a quarter mile warm Read more →

IMCuse 2.0 Countdown Week Four

Welp, this week was a total bust for me. Maybe it was the emotional aftermath from the previous weekend. My mind was totally off in space, triathlon was barely on my radar. I think if I had school this week to occupy my brain space it would have helped, but Read more →

My Start To Power Based Training

Okay, so lets chat about power. I’m still learning, so hang with me here. My fantastic friends over at all3sports sent me a pretty little toy in the mail about a month ago now. After some confusion and back and forth chit chat, I finally got my hands on the Read more →

For The Love Of

It’s Friday *happy dance* And my winter break starts now at 3pm! (Damn you weather for not being cold enough for a snow day!) Hello full week off from school, I’ve been dreaming of you all week. I pretty much mentally checked out Tuesday. My alarm went off and I got Read more →

Powering Through The Week

Oh my gosh, you guys, my weekend was fabulous. You know why? Because I did nothing. NOTHING. Just me and the Husband hanging out together at home. I’ll spare you what is bound to be a very boring weekly update. I spun 53 miles over two classes and one solo Read more →

Saddle Up

Fabulous Friday, I need you, I want you, oh baby oh! Happy freaking Friday! What a long week it’s been too, oiy. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Beyond my 11 hour workday Monday I actually only worked three and half days this week. And I snuck out early Tuesday and used Read more →

Weekend Wind Down

Happy Monday off! I’m off for MLK day and I’m taking full advantage as far as workouts go. I slept in until an amazing 7:30 this morning and was in the gym by 8am. It was still relatively empty, but a different crowd than I’m used to being that I normally go two Read more →

The Trials of Time Trials

Well, my weekend was fun and nice, but I ate wayyyy too much. I’m happy to finally say the holidays are behind me and I can start really getting into half iron training mode. Friday I didn’t really plan to workout. I usually use Friday’s as rest days, but that’s assuming Read more →

A Lesson Learned in Stopping

Oh my gosshshshshhh. I picked up Finley this weekend. Look how pretty she is. I’m so excited! Saturday morning started with a failed attempt to get my clipless pedals off my road bike. There were a few tense moments of frustration. Eventually we loaded my Jamis into the car and brought Read more →

Meet Finley!

Sooooo… I may have bought myself a new bike yesterday. And by may have I mean I did. I very much so did. Yes.It was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been hooked on the idea of upgrading to a tri specific racing bike for a while now Read more →