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Five Things in Five Years- What My Future May or May Not Hold For Me

Happy Friday!!! It’s bittersweet for me. I’m staring down my last full week of summer break at this point and while I’m excited to go back to work, I’m also sad to see my first summer break where I did not have a job in well over a decade slip Read more →

The Surprises of Race Day

It’s Friday. I’m awake and the time on my clock starts with a “4” so you can just pretend it’s whatever time you want it to be for me. I have to work today writing curriculum, I need to help Rob with our whole house closet renovation endeavor we started Read more →

A Little Thing About Spring

Yay Friday! I totally thought yesterday was Friday basically all day. My brain was just refusing to believe how long last week felt. It was really annoying. I think part of it was because I was so tired by Thursday. Mr. Husband was on spring break this week so he Read more →

A Day In The Life Of

Friday, I thought you’d never come! What a week! But really, does that sentiment ever change with me? And I really do heave a giant sigh of relief every Friday. Not that my life is particularly hard or stressful, but man does everything catch up with me. It’s kind of Read more →