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Running Derailed… Again

Hey, hey Monday! I’m going to keep announcing the day of the week because not working makes keeping track of that more difficult. So there ya go, you’re reminder of what day it is. I know you needed that too after the holiday weekend. Whoa, recap banner, where’d you come Read more →

Limits, Grit, and Admitting Defeat

Oof, I need more weekends in my life. When is spring break? Three more weeks away? Not that I’m counting or anything. My week was not good on the training front. Monday I grabbed Husband’s 310XT and headed out for a run. With no capabilities to track my indoor running Read more →

Weekly Recap and Running Woes

Dead. Remember when I said if you didn’t see more than a Monday post last week I was probably dead? Yup, dead. What a week! Stupid common core, why must you exist? You cause me so much stress and extra work. If I had wanted my job security to be based Read more →

Weekend Warrior

Up down, up down, that is my life. We went away for the weekend and it was nice. We raced the inaugural Yuengling Lager Jogger 5k and I will have a full race report this week at some point. But the whirlwind trip to Bethlehem was so nice. We had Read more →

Bright Running Ahead

You guys. I did it. I ran. My PT cleared me to do a short steady state run finally. And it’s good timing too with a 5k on the docket for Saturday. So I ordered myself up some new shoes, threw some Sweat Pink laces into them, and headed out. Only 2 Read more →

Injury Update

I promised an update on my injury today, so I’m doing my best to follow through. So here’s the short of it. My last post about my leg was right after I got my ultra sound for a possible blood clot. The hospital sent me on my way after it Read more →

What Blood Sounds Like

I’ll get to my Iron Girl recap, the race that ended my four week racing streak, I swear I will. But today I’d like to talk a bit about sports injuries. I’ve had my fair share over the years. From agonizing shin splints during my track days in high school, Read more →

Strike With Strength

As I sit here, currently trying to make my way through my taper, It’s hard not to over analyze  all the training I’ve put in up to this point. I had a few injuries in the fall that stemmed from some hip bursitis in my right hip, causing me to throw my Read more →

Holiday Happiness and New Year Goals

Hello! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had awesome holidays so far. I know I did. My husband and families totally outdid themselves this year! I got lots of triathlon and non-triathlon related things for Christmas that I am very excited about.  Tri related gifts from my amazing husband. I got lots Read more →

A Lesson Learned in Stopping

Oh my gosshshshshhh. I picked up Finley this weekend. Look how pretty she is. I’m so excited! Saturday morning started with a failed attempt to get my clipless pedals off my road bike. There were a few tense moments of frustration. Eventually we loaded my Jamis into the car and brought Read more →