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I Am Capable

Spinning last night was very much so needed in so many ways.Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I dealt with a Griswold fiasco at 3am and then couldn’t sleep some more. Around 4am I conceded and shut my alarm off. There was no way I could run on only four hours of sleep, Read more →

Mid Week Rambles

This week has been tough, but good overall so far. I’m trying to take the time to get myself back on track. I need my training to start increasing in intensity and I need my eating to get back on point. For me, those two things function entirely hand in hand. I miss Read more →

Meet Finley!

Sooooo… I may have bought myself a new bike yesterday. And by may have I mean I did. I very much so did. Yes.It was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been hooked on the idea of upgrading to a tri specific racing bike for a while now Read more →

Unmotivating Monday and a Weekend Recap

Sometimes you just need a breather. What a nice weekend. It was sunny and 60 on Saturday so Rob and I took advantage to rake our backyard and fix our fence. Our lot is pretty big, just under a third of an acre, and the footprint of our house is pretty small, Read more →

Becoming of a Triathlete

Perhaps a bit of background about myself would be nice. I’m Courtney, twenty-something, recently married, own a house and a crazy chocolate lab named Griswold with my husband Rob, and we live in the thriving heart of New York wine country. I’ve been athletic my whole life just about. My Read more →