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Five Postpartum Holiday Survival Strategies

Ho Ho Ho holiday season. It has descended upon us. You know what’s going to be really difficult this holiday season? Being newly postpartum. It’s not a secret pregnancy has been hard on me physically and mentally. I’m less than thrilled with my weigh gain, the amount of stretch marks Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Rest and Recovery

It’s September. And I don’t know about where you live, but here in the lovely North Eastern part of the US, triathlon season is winding down. People are getting ready to just lace up their running shoes for the their fall running race and wave goodbye to open water until Read more →

Recipe Round Up – Creamy Chicken Veggie Pasta with a Kick

It’s no secret I’m not much in the kitchen. I can cook a few essentials. I know how to make all the basics and I have about half a dozen real recipes in my repertoire. I’m pretty useless at baking because it’s too precise, but cooking I can manage if Read more →

Now Is As Good A Time As Any

Happy Monday. Oh Monday. My week. How was my week? It was okay. Brutally exhausting, but fine. First full week back at school after two weeks off and it left me quite tired by Thursday, not to mention Friday. I had my unannounced observation too. First week back after two Read more →

The Never Ending Countdown

Wow, some days are just too much. Monday ended up being rough! Just a straight up struggle for me getting ready in the morning and I ended up leaving a few minutes later than usual. And on my drive in I missed my turn which meant I had to drive Read more →

Friday Five – Friday Favorite

I’m so excited it’s Friday. It’s been a long full week back at school this week. My first full week since the week of November 3rd, not even kidding a little bit. So it’s been a bit tiring to say the least. But overall it was fine. And just another Read more →

Friday Five – Favorite Fall Foods

Back to reality. And it was a cold, hard bite too. Got on the plane in San Diego Tuesday morning, it was 80 and sunny. Got off the plane in Detriot, it was 18, cold, and dark. Got off the plane in Rochester and it was 15, cold, dark, and Read more →

Recipe Roundup – Healthy Chocolate Dessert

Hola everybody! The husband and I had a swimmingly, wonderful, fantabulous time in California. I’m super pumped to fill you all in once we get back and I get over  having to drag myself into work only mere hours after returning home and struggling through jet lag. You know, that fun. Read more →

Recipe Roundup – Protein Powered Turkey Chili

You guys, it’s cold. It’s finally getting cold outside and I’m not sure if I’m happy about it or not. Maybe, I haven’t decided yet. But I do know that cold weather makes me more inclined to cook because I like a nice hot bowl of something rich on a Read more →

Recipe Roundup – Strawberry Spinach Salad

So because I am still side like I figured it’s about time I adjust my diet to match my activity level. I’ve definitely put a few pounds on since my injury which was now a whole month ago. I will confess, I’m not too crafty in the kitchen. I can Read more →