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Will Run For Pumpkin Spice


My posting is still somewhat erratic right now. Hopefully I can start to settle down this week or next. I have so much school work to do and still have more PT in the evenings. Woosh, I’ll be happy when that’s over. PT has been helping though. I’d say my Read more →

Race Report – Iron Girl Syracuse


Another race checked off. Boom! Pow! I win! *notreally* But I did race IG Cuse for the third year in a row last weekend. I’m usually good about getting race reports up shortly after a race so all the good details don’t fall out of my head, but alas, I Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Race Etiquette


Hello Tuesday, here I am! And I’m linked up for Tri Talk Tuesday  with Cynthia and Phaedra as per usual. Today we’re chatting about race etiquette. Those unspoken rules that should be followed even though no one may have told you they exist. Some of them you learn on the fly and other Read more →

Friday Five – Race Memories


After all the hubbub over my leg yesterday, I decided playing Friday Five was a good use of my head space today. I need to not think about how much pain I’m in and what this means for me, so instead, I’m down for talking about five of my favorite Read more →

Race Report – Cubby Chase 10k


Another race in the books. Another race in my race streak knocked off. This was race number three of four in my four consecutive racing weeks and it was a nice break from triathlon. Yes, I really just said that. After Delta Lake, and having what felt to me to Read more →

Product Review – PRO Compression Marathon Socks


Exciting news! Today is my one year blogiversary! I know, totally worth being pumped over. And for my blogiversary I’m reviewing a super awesome product which comes with a kickass discount just for everyone! If you’re active in the athletic world and you haven’t heard of Pro Compression yet, you’re Read more →

Tri Talk Tuesday – Race Prep


Tuesday again and I’m back to chatting triathlony goodness with Cynthia from You Signed Up For What. Miranda is on her way back from Lake Placid and will be back to chatting next week. Today’s topic, in honor of Cynthia trying to get herself together to travel many states away Read more →

Race Report – Delta Lake Triathlon


Wheeewwww. I have some mixed thoughts on this race. But not the race itself, mostly me and my performance. Delta Lake is kind of a unique race in my eyes. There are plenty of races where there are various distance options to run, but the races typically overlap, like at Read more →

Race Report – IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse


Settle in, this is going to be really long! I’ll do my best to break it down but there’s a lot to this one. Rob and I headed into town Friday night. We got a bit too late of a start to get to the expo on Friday, but I Read more →

Countdown to IMCuse – Week 14 Recap


That’s it. It’s over. My training build is over. I am officially tapering for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. This week I was a bit slack on two workouts, but overall it was a great week, especially in terms of confidence building. So, let’s see how things went this week! Monday- One Read more →