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The Surprises of Race Day

It’s Friday. I’m awake and the time on my clock starts with a “4” so you can just pretend it’s whatever time you want it to be for me. I have to work today writing curriculum, I need to help Rob with our whole house closet renovation endeavor we started Read more →

TGC 2014 – A Year In Review

Well, in just a few short days 2014 will be done and over with. It’s been a pretty good year that’s seen a lot of ups and downs, and now I’m looking forward to what 2015 has to offer. So I thought I’d take a few moments and recap some Read more →

Race Report – RunDisney Avengers Half Marathon

Settle on in. This post is going to long, so get ready because I’m about to tell you all about my personal worst half marathon I’ve ever run. Vacation highlights and race expo: First off, the vacation as a whole was awesome! I’ve never actually been to Disney before so Read more →

Vacation Countdown

Last day. Finally.¬†Must Survive Today. It’s Monday. All that I have on tap at work today is a superintendent conference day. There’s four or five other school districts joining us at our district so I’ll be working with all the other health teachers all day today, including one of my Read more →

Zombie Dreams

This post may be short and mostly incoherent. I feel like a zombie. At least that feeling is appropriate this week. Went to bed late and was up before the sun Saturday. Got basically zero sleep Saturday night. Spent Sunday fighting my eyelids. We dog sat for my parents and Read more →

To Infinity And Be- Wait, No, Wrong Movie!

First thing’s first here, I need to tell you how awesome my husband is. He’s caring, funny, and handsome. Pretty lucky, aren’t I? Husband! *swoon* He also takes me on lots of fun vacations, like taking me to the Grand Canyon twice last year. Because the first time we went it was Read more →