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IMCHOO Training Week Two

Two weeks down, twenty three more to go! This week didn’t go entirely as planned, because parenting, but it was still decent and I hit my big weekend workouts that I really needed. I knew going into this that training with a newborn would have it’s challenges and this week Read more →

Injury Report- I’m Basically Dying (not really)

My body. It hates me. I’ve been pain free in my knee. This is exciting. I still stand firm on my belief that I must have thrown my patella out when I sprinted the finish line at my half marathon and that I just needed some time, PT, and decreased mileage Read more →

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Colder

Well, as usual, my workouts did not go as planned this week. I think I’m done with November. Scratch it off the record. I’ll start over with my base training first thing in December.  Not only did I not get three hours of spinning in on Thursday, I actually got Read more →