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Nearing the End

  I made it! I made it to 37 weeks! Third time’s the charm. Or something like that. Again, I’m bad about posting. I finally gave up running at 32 weeks. I could have kept going, but I missed a full weekend and knew it’d be hard to pick up Read more →

A Long Overdue Update

Hi. I’m here. Sort of. Life got really busy there for a bit and obviously isn’t going to let up anytime soon. My job situation changed drastically this year. I’m still at the same school district, but things got rocky for a bit. I was working a split position, half Read more →

A Weekly Recap of Sorts

I used to weekly recaps. Remember those days? Yeah, me too. Childless, working out to my hearts content, having time to sit and write. My goodness, life does change. Pregnancy is throwing a minor wrinkle into workouts. Besides limiting what I can do, for how long, how hard, how fast, Read more →

A Belly Running

You’d think since I’m on summer break I’d have more time. Somehow I always feel busy, even if I’m not. I think that might just be called parenting. I don’t always know what I’m doing though, so don’t hold me to anything I have to say. I’m chugging along. At Read more →

I’m Alive, I Swear

Hi. I exist. Mostly. I have four academic weeks of school left, six total weeks until I’m off for summer break. That’s 21 teaching days. Then regents week, which is actually a week and half, then summer. But who’s keeping track. Obviously, I never showed up to the Syracuse Half. Read more →

Clearing My Head Space

Caution; verbal diarrhea ahead. Ugh. Bleh. Humph. My training for Syracuse Half is a big thumbs down right now. Number of long runs accomplished- one. Only one long run in four weeks. I got sick. AGAIN. I NEVER get sick, yet I’ve basically spent the last month and half snotting, Read more →

SYR Half Training Week One

Well, I keep saying I’m going to do a better job at posting semi regularly and I keep not figuring out how. Life just keeps coming full steam. My first semester teaching in my new district came to a close. That means the school year is half over. It also Read more →

Another Year Down

Happy New Year, blogosphere! I’m a few days late, yes. My life is kind of hectic. Holy cats, what a year. Life was hard this year. I had to bounce back from having a baby and learn to handle postpartum depression. Both Rob and I started new jobs, we sold Read more →

An Update of Sorts

So I think my life is starting to calm down. The dust is settling, figuratively and literally. We moved into our new house. We’ve been here since about mid November and are mostly settled at this point. The basement is still a mess and we need to finish decorating, but Read more →


Hi. I’ve been quiet lately. Ironman Chattanooga was this past weekend. I was not there. The week I came to terms with the fact that making the trip from NY to TN was just not feasible was really difficult for me. I cried. A lot. For a whole week. This Read more →