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Cleared To Run


Merry almost Christmas!!! Where did December go? And this whole year? I found out I was pregnant way back in March and that feels like it was forever ago. But this year also feels like it went by pretty quickly. I can’t believe the new year is next week. Weekly Read more →

New Mommy Favorites


Wanna hear a funny joke? These are screen caps from my Garmin920XT sleep data. The purple is when I’m awake. And that’s only two nights, but they all look pretty similar. Yes, despite being a new mommy who is up regularly throughout the night, I’m still rocking my Garmin. The Read more →

Adjusting Expectations


Wow. Hi Monday. Where did you come from? Guys. Babies are difficult. I went three days without even touching my computer. I forgot it even existed for a bit there, hence the lack of posting. Because sometimes babies fuss and cry and cluster feed for SEVEN straight hours and you Read more →

Baby Watch Is On


Happy Monday and greetings from the hospital! After what felt like a long week has turned into the longest weekend of my life. It’s currently pushing 11pm on Sunday night and my water broke well over 24 hours ago, but no baby in sight yet. Hopefully soon. Hoping my next Read more →

Modifying My Normal

Am I pregnant or full of Halloween candy?

Hi. It’s Monday. It is most likely my very last day of work until February. Yup. The contractions I’ve been having for like four or so weeks now have finally caught up to me and I’m getting the hard yank via my doctors orders. I had to barter for today Read more →

All The Walking, Teaching, and Baby Showers


Oh Monday, here again. Last week got difficult. I think pregnancy has finally given me a swift kick in the crotch ass. My workouts consisted of walking Griswold every day. That’s it. I cleaned some too. That’s it. And that felt impressive to me given cleaning seems to exacerbate my Read more →

HDBD Week 32

2015-10-12 15.42.26

32 weeks. Ehhhhh. Do I really have eight more weeks left? How long is eternity? Eight weeks? That’s what I thought. Baby size- I’ll find out for sure on Friday, but she should be over four pounds by now, my little bok choy. My size- I finally gained a few Read more →

Long Weeks and Little Workouts

Oh hey! There's my feet. I don't see them very much anymore.

Whew, last week was long and difficult. School and life are tiring and overwhelming right now. I feel like I need a a full weekend to just lay in my bed and not get out of it so I can decompress. I’m sure it’s all made more difficult than it Read more →

HDBD Week 28


Oh my, I am so tired. I worked through my whole first trimester, had my whole second tri off, and now at the start of my third tri I’m back to pulling 8+ hours of work on my feet all day. I’m teaching my usual six classes a day and Read more →

Traipsing, Appointments, and Workouts All Around


Monday, oiy, I am tired. Let’s work last week backwards, shall we? I spent all weekend gallivanting around Chicago with my Junebugs for the Second Annual Gathering of the Hags. It’s a group of women I originally met on an online forum with a single connecting factor; we were all Read more →