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Across The Rainbow Bridge

I had a really strange dream about my upcoming half Ironman Saturday night. But I should back up and explain what a hot mess of a weekend I had. It’s been a few weeks since I openly asked for jeans suggestions and admitted I struggling with some weight and self esteem Read more →

Patience and Consistency

Forethought- thinking ahead enough to put on sweatpants before leaving the house in the brutal cold to go to the gym. That’s all good and fine until you forget them though. No worries, it’s only -7F right now, dumbass. Cold weather-1, Courtney-0. My car is dusty and driving around the Read more →

Back on the Wagon

Ahhhhh, happy Friday!!!My training recap:Monday- First attempts at a run LT time trial that I need to redo, rowed 1300 meters, squatsTuesday- One hour spin, squatsWednesday- Cycling LT time trial, squats and planksThursday- One hour spinFirst week back on the wagon and it was slow and mediocre, but getting back at it is what’s Read more →

Holiday Happiness and New Year Goals

Hello! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had awesome holidays so far. I know I did. My husband and families totally outdid themselves this year! I got lots of triathlon and non-triathlon related things for Christmas that I am very excited about.  Tri related gifts from my amazing husband. I got lots Read more →