Cleared To Run

Merry almost Christmas!!!

Where did December go? And this whole year? I found out I was pregnant way back in March and that feels like it was forever ago. But this year also feels like it went by pretty quickly. I can’t believe the new year is next week.

Weekly update, go!

Monday I walked on the treadmill and did 2 miles. It felt great to increase my distance some. Two miles isn’t crazy by any means, but it just feels really nice to feel like I’m doing something.


I had a quickie, kind of impromptu doctors appointment on Tuesday and I got cleared to mix in some easy running. Delighted! So on Wednesday I threw a single quarter mile run interval into the middle of my walk. I walked the first three quarters of a mile, ran just shy of a 13 minute per mile pace to the mile mark, then walked another quarter mile. I chose to do it this way so I can warm up some, then do a single easy and short interval to feel out my body. I noticed I’m kind of stiff when I run and a lot of that is because I seem to be clenching my abdominal muscles involuntarily. It’s definitely just nervousness. At that point I was only a little over four weeks out from a major abdominal surgery, so I’m not surprised I was feeling kind of timid.

Friday Rob had to work 8-4, which meant if I wanted to run I had to try and do it without him home to keep an eye on baby. Up to this point I’d done all my walking with him home, so I was little nervous about how it would go. Especially because Ellie was being pretty finicky about going down for a nap all morning and afternoon. I did get her asleep eventually, albeit later than I had hoped for. And I set up the video baby monitor and connected my phone to it and was able to watch her on that the whole time I was on the treadmill, so it actually worked out well.


I did a 1.5 miles run/walk workout. I walked half a mile, ran a quarter, walked a quarter, ran a quarter, walked the final quarter. The first run interval I was clenching my stomach again, so I made a point to try and relax on the second interval and surprisingly enough felt fine. In fact, I wanted to keep running, but I made myself stop and walk a cool down. Overall though I was happy enough with how I felt.

Overall I’m pretty happy with my workouts and I’m really looking forward to doing a little more this week. My body seems to be responding positively so hopefully if I increase my run intervals this week I’ll keep feeling good and be able to keep running.

What was you best workout this week?

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  1. I’m glad to hear you are back to running! This is a huge step in a positive direction on the road to Ironman. I remember I was really nervous about running for the first time too… it all felt so weird. It will come back to you! I like the idea of setting up the monitor during a nap and getting in a workout. Smart!
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