Countdown To IMCuse – Week 13 Recap

Well it’s Monday again. It’s time to recap how my last week of training went, so let’s see how I managed with time coming to a rapid close.


I shot myself in the foot a bit right off the bat this week. If you ever hear me insist I don’t need sunscreen, smack me. Also, nutrition matters. I am on 110% perfect nutrition from now until I have that finishers medal around my neck.


Monday- 62.14 mile bike

This ride was a tough one. You can read all about it here. But basically we were out for over five hours, although the ride itself took me less than four to complete. The stop and start ended up killing my quads but I felt great up until about mile 41 or so. And a flat tire half a mile from home left cranky. This was also the day I thought I could get away without sunscreen even though it was in the 80’s and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I spent the rest of the week in agonizing pain fighting sun poisoning and now I look like a leper with all my skin falling off. Gosh I am so pretty. 


Tuesday- Unintentional rest

Insert burning pain and no sleep here. I let this one go. 


Wednesday- 2200 in the pool

Got up in time to go to FLTC’s swim practice. Only two of us showed up so Coach Fish beat us up. At one point he asked me for my 100 base and I swear to you he said 50. So when I told him “about 55 seconds” I thought he was going to hit me. Dumbass, swimming is by 100’s. Ugh. 


Thursday- 2.14 mile run

Yup, barely two miles. Can you see a trend of minimal work going on. Putting on my bathing suit or a sports bra was excruciatingly painful and I tried to keep moving, but everything hurt me. And this run, it wasn’t pretty. My hear rate was high and I couldn’t control my pacing to save my life. I hated it. 


Have I mentioned I’ve been running in Zoot Ultra TT’s lately? Because I have and they’re awesome. 


Friday- Brick: 60/20 bike/run

I was off work thanks to working 12 hours on Tuesday and 13 on Thursday, which was also why I only had single workouts all week. My work schedule was crazy this week. But, I got up bound and determined to get a decent brick workout in. I put on like ten pounds of sunscreen, capris, and a long sleeved top even though it was in the 70’s and sunny, and headed out. I did 16.85 miles in about 59 minutes on Finley then I did quick transition, around a minute which included some lollygagging in my driveway, then took off for a run. I ran roughly the same loop I ran Thursday and covered 2.19 miles in around 21 minutes. I felt great the whole run, kept my heart rate at a reasonable level, legs felt good, breathing was good, and my miles were sub-10. I’ll take it. I was also planning to go to the open water swim with the tri club, the first chance so far this year to see open water, but an awful thing happened when I took my sport bra off. My back has blistered up. I noticed it as I was pealing off my workout clothes. I ran my hand over them and they all immediately popped. Dozens upon dozens of little blisters all exploding. Then the most terrible of all terror happened. I try very gingerly to pull of my sports bra, which is an impossible task by the way. And it ripped a bunch of skin off my back leaving me with huge raw patches. Ask me how fun my shower was after that. because the answer was not at all. Holy effing ouch. So, no open water for me. Last thing I need is my wet suit irritating my back worse and getting an infection. I really kind of ruined my training week. And so close to race day.


Saturday- Planned rest day

I had Emily’s bridal shower and Rob and I had so errands to run while we were in Syracuse. So nothing this day, which was my plan for the week anyways. Damn you Tuesday, you unplanned jerk of a rest day. 


Sunday- 3.16 mile run

Another crappy run. This one is one hundred percent nutrition related. The day before was filled with tons of bad eating all day and one too many vodka cranberries at Emily’s shower. So what should have been an 1:45 run become a 30 minute run. Throw in the fact that my back had started to peel and was raw with new, pink skin that was causing me new pain all over again and I just didn’t have anything in me.

Total Training:

Swim- 2200 yards (1.25 miles… oops)

Bike- 78.99 miles (really!? One one-hundredth of a mile!?)

Run- 7.49 miles (oops again)

Total- 6 hours 52 minutes. 

Not very good. Not at all I really need this up coming week to be better. This is my final build week and having completely crumbled and cracked this past week, by my own doing at that, I really need this one to hit it out of the park. So, here’s the tentative down and low.

M- Spin

T- Swim/ride

W- Split run

T- Swim/ride


S- Run

S- Ride (Syracuse course)

Subject to adjustments, of course, but that’s what I’m looking at. And as long as the weather is half way decent on Sunday I’ll be doing my final big training workout riding the IMCuse course, which I really, really need to do. I don’t want to be surprised by this course since it is both difficult and technical.

I’m Starting to go taper mad already and I’m still a week out form my taper. This next three weeks are going to be mentally difficult.

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  1. Sunscreen is the one thing I HAVE to remember for Saturday. I am horrible when it comes to putting on sunscreen, so hopefully my spray bottle will be yelling at me when I see it during transitions. No burns for this girl! I completely know what you mean about the taper craziness. It’s almost as if it is harder to do a short/easy ride or run than a long/hard ride or run. Our brains baffle me.
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