Countdown to IMCuse – Week 14 Recap

That’s it. It’s over. My training build is over. I am officially tapering for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. This week I was a bit slack on two workouts, but overall it was a great week, especially in terms of confidence building.


So, let’s see how things went this week!

Monday- One hour solo spin
I felt a bit internal this week. I had planned to workout with the tri club all week, but it turned out I really just wanted to train alone.

Tuesday- 2500 yard swim/ 1 hour Spin class
This swim was solo as well. I also had a new toy I was playing with in the pool that I am super pumped to share with you guys, so keep your eyes opened for that! Spinning was spinning. I went to class instead of riding outside with FLTC.


Wednesday- 5 mile split run
National Running Day, hello! I ran 2.5 miles in the morning and the other 2.5 after work. You’d think I cheated and just reuploaded my workout to Garmin unless you looked at my splits. My first run was 23:24 and my second was 23:25, but my splits were all completely different. Guess I found a comfortable pace on Wednesday.

Thursday- Mini Tri: 1000 yd swim/80 minute spin/1 mile run
This was not my intention for Thursday, but it just fell into place. I didn’t have my watch when I swam and I was trying to keep count in my head but I failed miserably. Erring on the side of caution I say 1000 yards, but it might have been more. I went after work which is open swim with only one lap lane. There was one very large gentleman already in the lane and insisted he spoke no English when I asked to join him. He was doing cannonballs and underwater pull ups on the ladder in the deep end. And when he occasionally swam a lap it was some awkward mash up of butterfly and breast stroke and he came barreling down the center of lane splashing and kicking and flailing like he was drowning. It was making me rage a bit. After I gave up on swimming I changed and when right to spin. I planned to ride an hour and a half, but cut out the last ten minutes in favor of a run. It was short, but I figured since I could put all three workouts together so I hopped off the bike early and hit the treadmill before the gym closed. A great workout all said and done.

Friday- Open Water Swim: about .19 miles
Yay open water! My first chance to get out all year so far. It was a short swim but I just needed to try out my new wet suit (full review coming on that soon) and make sure everything I’ve done in the pool paid off. It was great! I was fast and smooth in the water and had no issues breathing or keeping form. I need to get in a few more times and work on my sighting and go swim the full buoy line, but otherwise this was a great confidence boost and something I’ve been starting to stress over lately.

Saturday- 3-ish mile hike
No long run here. We met up with friends in Watkins Glen and hiked the gorge. It was a good little hike and we had a really fun time.

I have no idea how Craig got this picture over his shoulder while riding, but kudos. Grinding it out on the IM 70.3 Syracuse course.

Sunday- 56 mile bike: IMCuse bike course preview
This was another day of awesome confidence boosting. I met up with two fellow Rat Snake athletes and we headed out to ride the Syracuse bike course together since all three of us are racing in two weeks. Craig, who organized the ride, lives barely a mile from transition, is doing the race for the fourth year in a row, and rides the course often. He had some great insight to share with us about where to be conservative and where to just punch out the speed, how to tackle some of the more technical hills, and just overall what parts of the course are easier or more difficult than others. We finished the ride in 3:26 which completely delighted me. I was hoping to have a 3:30 or less ride on race day, so to be under that on a training ride was fantastic. Plus we spent a fair number of miles just riding side by side chatting. So take that out on race day and add in some harder pushes on the sections where speed is easier to come by and I should be able to shave some time off that 3:26. Assuming I don’t have any mechanical issues and the weather is good, of course.

Total Training-
Swim- 3500 yd (pool)/.19 miles OWS
Bike- 128.06 miles
Run- 6 miles
Total- 9 hours, 1 minute

I have no idea what my plan going into this week is. I’ll be putting some though into that today, but it won’t be anything strenuous. Little bit of riding, little bit of running, hopefully lots of OWS.

So that’s it. It’s taper time, let the madness begin!

18 Replies to “Countdown to IMCuse – Week 14 Recap”

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your race. It sounds like you are fully prepared and ready.

    I completely understand your frustration about the lane swimming thing, as it happened to me a little while ago where a woman didn’t know how to swim in a straight line and was all over the place! It felt good to blog about it and get it off my chest…and then I had people tell me they have had similar situations!

    Good luck with the rest of your training and have a fantastic race day.
    Darilyn Weiss recently posted…My Personality Type is Meant for RunningMy Profile

    1. I’m glad I sound fully prepared because I’m already going out of my mind wondering and questioning. Only way to find out now is on race day. Thank you!!!

  2. Way to go Courtney! Now it’s time to relax and have confidence in all your hard work, it will pay off when you cross that finish line! My 17 weeks have just begun….

    1. Enjoy your next 17 weeks, they go fast! Relaxing might be hard at this point, but I’ll do my best =P

  3. YAY FOR TAPER TIME!!! So glad you got the opportunity to ride the bike course. That’s got to be a HUGE relief knowing what to expect on race day. I have absolutely NO. IDEA. what I’m getting myself into. All I know is that there are some climbs in the middle third of the race, ha ha. Oh well, it’s done now, bring on race day! 🙂
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Sometimes You Need a Break: #Mingsanity Week 22My Profile

    1. Yay for your taper too! Sometimes ignorance is bliss though, so maybe look at it that way? There’s not many races I go into having scouted the course out in advance, so I’m hoping it helps. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic job. You are an inspiration! Just finished my long run and bike this weekend and am tapering off now. My first sprint tri is on Sunday. They changed location due to road/water safety so I’ll competing on an unknown course, but am really looking forward to it.

    Good luck in Syracuse!!

    1. Woohoo first sprint! It is such an incredible feeling, that first time finishing. Enjoy it, love every second of it, and just live in the moment the whole race. Good luck!!!

  5. That’s a sparkling time for your training ride. You can be confident going into the race. Don’t get too hung up on breaking the 3.26 though. The swim takes a bit out of you and conditions play a big part. Also there’s the post ride half marathon to think about.
    That said enjoy taper week. Keep busy with non-tri activities. Nothing worse than getting stressed about the race ahead of time. Think about how much fun it’ll be 😀

    1. I’m going to do my best not to fixate on the numbers. I can be kind of over analytical sometimes. But I’m planning to just enjoy the race as much as I can, be present in every moment, and just enjoy the ride. Thank you!!!

    1. Indoor spin is very different from riding outside. That being said, I spin year round and do so multiple times a week over the winter. It helps me gain the leg muscle strength I need for outdoor riding and maintains my cycling base year round. When done right, it can improve your cycling strength too. I’m a big proponent of spinning! You should do a triathlon, come over to the dark side!

    1. I think mentally it’s helpful, for sure. But there’s also something to be said for “ignorance is bliss”. At least Augusta is pretty flat, hopefully there aren’t too many surprises for you =P

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